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Cochrane musculoskeletal group

Buchbinder, R., Johnston, R., Martin, E. & Winzenberg, T. M.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Prediction and prevention of spontaneous preterm birth: an Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis comprising of prognostic and therapeutic data

Mol, B., Askie, L., Thangaratinam, S., Wang, R., Hyett, J., Gibson, R. A., Stark, M. J. & Espinoza, D.


Project: Research

Development and Pilot of a Gender Gap App

Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Matthewson, G., Berry, J., Webb, I., Aisenberg, A., Robertson, F. & Sturmfels, B.


Project: Research

Investigation of the utility and the user experiences of widespread access to accurate emergency department wait times.

Walker, K., Ben-Mier, M., Joe, K., Papatheohari, J., Rankin, D., Stephenson, M., Martini, E., Lowthian, J., Stephenson, M., Blecher, G., Rodda, H., Turhan, B. & Tantithamthavorn, C.

Australian Government Department of Health


Project: Research

Conviction Politics: the convict routes of Australian democracy

Moore, A., McCormack, J., Marriott, K., Maxwell-Stewart, H., Quinlan, M., Carter, N., Davis, M., Brookes, J. & Thomas, S.

The Union Education Foundation


Project: Research

Air Standards Health Advice

Priestly, B., Abramson, M., Drew, R. & McNeil, J.


Project: Research

Australian Membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program

Schellart, W., Aitchison, J., Arculus, R., Baxter, A., Coffin, M., Collins, L., Daniell, J., Exon, N., Fergusson, C., Foden, J., Gallagher, S., George, S., George, A., Heap, A., Hergt, J., Kershaw, P., McCuaig, T., Muller, R., O'Reilly, S., Roberts, A., Rohling, E., Skilbeck, C., Stilwell, J., Vasconcelos, P., Webster, J., Welsh, K., Clennell, M., Howard, W., Sloss, C. & Yeats, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Develop, pilot and conduct a large-scale trial of an on-road assisted ride program for newly licensed motorcycle riders.

Mulvihill, C., Collins, M., Corben, B., Hillard, P., Lenne, M., McClure, R., Smith, R., Symmons, M., Triggs, T. & Wallace, P.


Project: Research

Creatine, a multi-organ protectant against hypoxic injury in the neonate

Dickinson, H., Walker, D. & Snow, R.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance


Project: Research

Environmental impacts of flow regime reversal and weir removal in the Broken and Bousey Creeks

Lake, P., Bond, N., McMaster, D. & Reich, P.


Project: Research

Engineering silicon nanowires for new-generation vascular implants

Voelcker, N., Kemkemer, R., Elnathan, R., Delalat, B., Yound, J. & Holle, A.


Project: Research

ICU Nurse Allocation Project

Wallace, M. & Senthooran, I.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Motorcycle Blackspot Program

Newstead, S., Cameron, M., Corben, B., D'Elia, A., McClure, R. & Scully, J.


Project: Research

Determination of Th1 - Th2 balance by EliSpot analysis

Netter, H., Coppel, R., de Silva, H. D. & Wang, L.

ANZ Trustees


Project: Research

ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention

Gao, Y., Tao, D., van den Hengel, A., Bennamoun, M., Guijt, R. M., Shen, C., Grundy, J., Mian, A., Zhou, J., Busch, A., Dong, J. S., Nguyen, N. T., Li, Q., Ford, R., Tan, S. H., Sun, C., Mikami, S., Cox, D., Daniels, R., Zhou, J. & Koulakov, S.


Project: Research