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Injuries and Violence Prevention

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.

WHO - World Health Organization Switzerland


Project: Research

China Seat Belt Study

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.

World Bank USA


Project: Research

Modelling of emergency demand of injury prevention

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.


Project: Research

Family Friendly Beaches

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Usability of Electronic Library Resources - Apai - Collab

Burstein, F., Williamson, C., Arnott, D., Bowles, W., Maynard, S. B., Schauder, D. & Stillman, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Library Board of Victoria


Project: Research

REDUCCTION: REDUcing the burden of dialysis Catheter ComplicaTIOns: a National approach (REDUCCTION)

Gallagher, M., Polkinghorne, K., Cass, A., McDonald, S. P. & Gray, N. A.


Project: Research

A novel multi-gene marker blood test to increase community participation in colorectal cancer screening

Young, G. P., Wilson, C., Woodman, R., Cole, S. R., Chen, G., Fraser, R. & Symonds, E. L.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Assessing and comparing function of brain organoids from persons with dementia and normal controls.

Jagadish, C., Dottori, M., Gautam, V., Grubman, A., Hernandez, D., Ooi, L. & Pébay, A.

Yulgilbar Foundation


Project: Research

MDM4: a new target for melanoma treatment

Shackleton, M. & Marine, J.


Project: Research

Improving outcomes after critical illness

Nichol, A. & Cooper, J.


Project: Research

RISER: resilient information systems for emergency response

Harris, S., Duckham, M., Kealy, A., Moran, W., Tolhurst, K., Rawlinson, A., Smarr, L., Vecchiola, C. & von Kaenel, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

ADVANCE: Addressing Dementia Via Agitation-Centered Evaluation

Gleason, A., O'Brien, T., Woodward, M. C. & Clarnette, R.


Project: Research

Collaborative Partnerships in Action – Proactively Enacting Educational Change

Saggers, B., Whelan, M., Odier-Guedj, D. & Ashburner, J.


Project: Research