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“Up-Front PSMA” Alliance: Using Theranostics Early to Eradicate Prostate Cancer and Developing Novel Strategies for PSMA-negative disease

Azad, A., Hoffman, M., Murphy, D., Risbridger, G., Trapani, J., Williams, S. G., Lawrentschuk, N., Francis, R., Vela, I., Taylor, R., Sandhu, S., Violet, J. & Pattison, D. A.

Cancer Australia


Project: Research

‘No alcohol’ products: rapid review

O'Brien, K., Meyer, S., Jeanes, R., Roberts, S., Ralph, B., Dam, J. & Stewart, R.


Project: Research

Zimmet NHF Scholarship

Zimmet, H.

Heart Foundation

13/01/06 → …

Project: Research

Zhejiang Early Childhood Professional Learning Program

Phillipson, S. & Cheong, S.


Project: Consultancy

Z-drive for TE2000U microscope

Haynes, J., Pouton, C. & Raye, W.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Youth in the city: one place many cultures - Matteo Dutto

Dutto, M., Wilson, R., Ricatti, F., Iaconesi, S., Persico, O. & Simeone, L.


Project: Research

Youth in the city: one place many cultures

Wilson, R., Ricatti, F., Dutto, M., Iaconesi, S., Persico, O. & Simeone, L.


Project: Research

Youth Homelessness Research Study

Roberts, S. & Arunachalam, D.


Project: Research

Youth cohort: Improving Disability Employment Study (Y-IDES)

Milner, A., Kavanagh, A. M., Petrie, D., LaMontagne, A. D., Vaughan, C. & Mallett, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Youth COACH Evaluation

Ayton, D., Soh, S. & Hillman, C.

Crossway Life Care


Project: Research

Youth Career and Transitions research project

Long, M. & McKenzie, P.


Project: Research

Yours, mine, ours

Bawden, G.


Project: Research

Young Women Construct the Political

Harris, A.

Monash University


Project: Research

Young people's privacy in an online world

Witzleb, N., Paterson, M., Birnhack, M. & Kalev, S.


Project: Research

Young People, Technology, and Wellbeing Research Facility

Walsh, L., Black, R., Richardson, I., Third, A., Burns, J. & Collin, P.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Young Driver Training Project

Johnston, I.


Project: Research

Young Australians' perspectives on religions and non-religious worldviews

Rasmussen, M., Bouma, G., Halafoff, A., Singleton, A., Arweck, E., Francis, L. & Jackson, R.

Australian National University , Australian Research Council (ARC), Deakin University, University of Warwick


Project: Research

Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS)

Lam, T., Lubman, D., Ogeil, R. & Lloyd, B.


Project: Research