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Healthy Stores 2020: Reducing retail merchandising of discretionary food and beverages in remote Indigenous community stores

Brimblecombe, J., Mah, C., Peeters, A., Miles, E., Wycherley, T., Ferguson, M., Minaker, L., McMahon, E., Turner, C., O’Dea, K. O., Greenacre, L., Moodie, M., Chatfield, M., Hammond, M., Stronach, M., O'Connor, R. & De Silva, K.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Heart Foundation Postgraduate Research Scholarship Awardee James Balmford

Bowles, T. & Balmford, J.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Heart Foundation Travel Grant

Moran, L.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Heat stress in the workplace: Health service burden and labour productivity loss in Australia

Bi, P., Pisaniello, D., Kerstin, Z., Dear, K., Xiang, J. & Sim, M.


Project: Research

Heatwaves, population health, and emergency management in Australia-a qualitative study

Han, G., Bi, P., Parton, K., Pisaniello, D., Saniotis, A., Weinstein, P. & Nitschke, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Help Seeking and DV in Indigenous Families

Meyer, S. & Wickes, R.


Project: Research

Henry O'Hara Surgical Research Award

Johari Halim Shah, Y. B. & Brown, W.


Project: Research