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The Pandemic Imperative: Clinical Data and Analytics Platform to improve clinical outcomes through point-of-care decision support

Bellgard, M. I., Snelling, T., Nicholson, A., McNeil, K., Bolevich, Z. & McBride, P.


Project: Research

LIVE OASIS: Lignocaine versus Opioids as analgesia In suspected STEMI (LIVE OASIS TRIAL)

Stub, D., Smith, K. L., Peter, K. & Bernard, S. A.


Project: Research

2020 Advancing Women's Research Success Grant Application

Marneweck, M.


Project: Research

BroSupPort - Pilot of a patient facing prostate cancer quality of life predictor tool

Evans, S., Millar, J., Ayton, D., Tsiamis, E., Opie, J., Smith, T., Lewis, K. L., Pomery, A., McLaughlin, G. & Way, A.


Project: Research

Belonging to University During Covid

Allen, K., Pahlevan-Sharifa, S., Arslan, G. & Sharif Nia, H.

29/03/20 → …

Project: Research

Seaweed forests of the future: responses to ocean acidification and warming

Hurd , C., Beardall, J., Bridle, A., Gaitan- Espitia, J. & Raven, J.


Project: Research

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

Elliott, J., Green, S., Zoungas, S., Buchbinder, R., Craig, J. C., McGowan, S., Tendal, B., Tate, R., Turner, T., McDonald, S. & Murano, M.


Project: Research