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Giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children the best start in life: improving healthy food affordability and food security in remote Australia

Ferguson, M., McCarthy, L., Brimblecombe, J., Lee, A., Cadet-James, Y., Fredericks, B., Miles, E., Brown, C., Cullerton, K., Mah, C. & Kleve, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Reducing inappropriate knee joint replacement surgery and hospital burden

Barton, C. J., Dowsey, M., Choong, P. F. M., Ademi Delaney, Z., Smith, A., Crossley, K. M., Wallis, J. A., Ackerman, I., Bunzli, S. & Kemp, J. L.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

The Development of a School Cultural Congruity Measure

Allen, K., Scull, J., Reupert, A., Berger, E., Bowles, T., Uddin , M. K., Salim Miah, M., Kikas, E., Shults, A., Omarashvili, M., Mikaia, N., Khundzakishvili, M., Hatzichristou, C., Soni, K., Matteucci, M. C., Brown-Earle, O., Iida, J., Watanabe, Y., Martinsone, B., Raižienė, S., Bartolo, P. A., Martinelli, V., Raykov, M., Sohn McCormick, A., Taj, M., Melo, M., Dinca, M., Birle, D., Gajdosova, B., Benka, J., Orosova, O., Sabová, L., Demkaninova, D., Gajdosova, E., Daniels, B., Collair, L., Moodley, T., Schad, E., Palikara, O., Rocha Neves, J., La Salle, T., Jimerson, S., Weber, M., Mittelstet, A., Zhang, C. & Long, A.

29/02/20 → …

Project: Research

Developing high performance electrodes

van Zeil, D. & Simonov, A.


Project: Research

Just-in-time Bug Localization

Xia, X.


Project: Research

Innovative Use of Customer Data for Business Growth

Danaher, P., Danaher, T. & Smith, M. S.


Project: Research


Perucca, P., Berkovic, S. F., O'Brien, T., Kwan, P., Hildebrand, M. S., Scheffer, I. E. & McIntosh, A.


Project: Research

A Comprehensive Framework for Modelling the Human Connectome

Fornito, A., Deco, G. & Aquino, K. M.


Project: Research

SEG Graduate Student Fellowship

Alkemade, S. L.


Project: Research

Improving the credibility of regional sea level rise projections

McGregor, S., Dommenget, D., Sen Gupta, A. & Power, S. B.


Project: Research

Antibiotic Treatment for Amniotic Fluid Sludge: A Matched Cohort Study

Giles, M., Mol, B., Neil, P., Said, J. M. & Sheehan, P. M.


Project: Research

Understanding and improving rare earth corrosion inhibitors

Junk, P. C., Tan, M. Y. & Deacon, G.


Project: Research

Conviction Politics: the convict routes of Australian democracy

Moore, A., McCormack, J., Marriott, K., Maxwell-Stewart, H., Quinlan, M., Carter, N., Davis, M., Brookes, J. & Thomas, S.

The Union Education Foundation


Project: Research