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Nursing Students' Anxiety in Clinical Placement

Lau, R., McKenna, L., Willetts, G., Lam, L. & Buttigieg, H.


Project: Research

3D Photogrammetric Survey and Analysis, River Sturt flood control dam, SA

Micklethwaite, S.


Project: Research

Keeping the Regulators Accountable

Hodge, G., Bowman, D. M. & Cantley-Smith, R.

Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre


Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging

Whisstock, J., Abbey, B., Nugent, K., Quiney, H. M., Godfrey, D., Heath, W., Gaus, K., Fairlie, D., Chapman, H., Peele, A., Davey, J. & Wittmann, A.


Project: Research

Protecting the public from emerging infectious diseases

Sorrell, T. C., Coiera, E., Cheng, A., Smith, D. & Howden, B. P.


Project: Other

VicHealth Pride Cup Evaluation

Jeanes, R., Lambert, K., O'Connor, J., O'Brien, K. & Denison, E.


Project: Research

Religion, pluralism and healthcare practice: a philosophical assessment

Oakley, J., Clarke, S., Coady, C. A., Savulescu, J. & Wilkinson, D. J. C.


Project: Research

Adapting and validating a tool to measure the supervisory relationship of GP supervisors

Kippen, R., Wallace, G., Bentley, M., Costello, S., Burns, J., Sampson, M., Morgan, S. & Warrington, A.


Project: Research

Ghrelin receptor signaling in the brain links hunger to mood and motivation

Andrews, Z., Zigman, J., Horváth, T. L., Mazzone, S., Spencer, S., Brown, R. & Dixon, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

The Development of a School Cultural Congruity Measure

Allen, K., Scull, J., Reupert, A., Berger, E., Bowles, T., Uddin , M. K., Salim Miah, M., Kikas, E., Shults, A., Omarashvili, M., Mikaia, N., Khundzakishvili, M., Hatzichristou, C., Soni, K., Matteucci, M. C., Brown-Earle, O., Iida, J., Watanabe, Y., Martinsone, B., Raižienė, S., Bartolo, P. A., Martinelli, V., Raykov, M., Sohn McCormick, A., Taj, M., Melo, M., Dinca, M., Birle, D., Gajdosova, B., Benka, J., Orosova, O., Sabová, L., Demkaninova, D., Gajdosova, E., Daniels, B., Collair, L., Moodley, T., Schad, E., Palikara, O., Rocha Neves, J., La Salle, T., Jimerson, S., Weber, M., Mittelstet, A., Zhang, C. & Long, A.

29/02/20 → …

Project: Research

AustLit Phase Two: Research Infrastructure for Humanities and Education Researchers

Arnold, J., Bennett, B., Bird, D., Blackmore, E., Bradford, C., Bunda, T., Burrows, T., Carter, D., Coleman, R., Dale, L., Dixon, R., Eggert, P., Fotheringham, R., Haskell, D., Hay, J., Horn, A., Huggins, J., Kilner, K., Mallan, K., Mead, P., Minter, P., Ommundsen, W., Patterson, A., Phiddian, R., Taylor, C., Webby, E., Webster, K. & Young, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Nanoscale superconducting systems: Foundations and applications

Hancock, Y. & Paganin, D.

CASS Foundation


Project: Research

Family focussed practice within a recovery framework

Ward, B., Andrew, L., Lenten, T., Maybery, D., McCormick, F., Reupert, A. & Waller, S.

Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local


Project: Research

Lead Authorship Working Group 2, IPCC 6th Assessment Report

Tapper, N. & Morgan, R.


Project: Other

Ingestible capsules for sensing gut metabolites

Kalantar-zadeh, K., Gibson, P., Muir, J., McSweeney, C., Hebblewhite, M. & Berean, K. J.


Project: Research