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A RCT to evaluate use of Jintronix Rehabilitation System

Bird, M., Callisaya, M., Cannell, J. & smith, S.


Project: Research

Benchtop centrifuge

El-Kabbani, O., Chung, R. & Jazayeri, J.

Collier Charitable Fund, Monash University


Project: Research

Surfactant-coated nanoparticles: dilute dispersions to concentrated mesophases

Tabor, R., Marlow, J., Giles, L. & King, J. P.


Project: Research

BroSupPort - Pilot of a patient facing prostate cancer quality of life predictor tool

Evans, S., Millar, J., Ayton, D., Tsiamis, E., Opie, J., Smith, T., Lewis, K. L., Pomery, A., McLaughlin, G. & Way, A.


Project: Research

Self-organised communication as a foundation of large, complex societies

Meyer, B., Reid, C., Landgraf, T. & Couzin, I.


Project: Research

INT-0447 Market Intelligence

Duan, Y. & Yeh, C.


Project: Research

Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of sodium selenate as a disease modifying treatment for patients with behavioural variant Frontotemporal Dementia (bvFTD)

O'Brien, T., Malpas, C., Velakoulis, D., Brodtmann, A., Piguet, O., Kalincik, T., Walterfang, M., Ahmed, R., Bush, A. I. & Darby, D. G.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

BrainPark: Revealing a new approach to addiction and OCD

Waterer, S., Yucel, M., Segrave, R. & Allen, A.


Project: Other

Development of automated measures from mammograms that predict masking and risk of breast cancer

Schmidt, D., Hopper, J. L., Keogh, L. & Frazer, H.


Project: Research

The use and promotion of alcohol in Victorian secondary schools

Ward, B., Buykx, P., Housdorf, K. & Wiggers, J.


Project: Research

BC-GRIP Greater utilisation of digital opportunities, particularly those who most stand to benefit

Lewis, K. J., Brace-Govan, J., Dare, R. & Smith, L.


Project: Research

Design and synthesis of inhibitors of oncogenic forms of PI3 kinase

Thompson, P. & Kinzler, K. W.


Project: Research

Quandamooka Aboriginal Women on the Colonial Frontier in the 19th Century

Moreton-Robinson, A. & Casey, M.


Project: Research