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Deciphering the role of SIK3 in development and disease

Parsons, L., Warr, C., Piper, M. & Cagan, R.


Project: Research

ICD based Injury Severity Score: Victoria, 2019

Berecki-Gisolf, J., D'Elia, A. & Clapperton, A.


Project: Research

ICAN: Immunoglobulin use and outcomes in Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia And Non-Hodgkin lymphoma – the ICAN study

McQuilten, Z., Wood, E., Opat, S., Mulligan, S., Slavin, M., Crispin, P., Morrissey, O., Zalcberg, J., Teh, B. W., Waters, N., Rowsell, L., Crassini, K. & Wong, J.


Project: Research

Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Joo, A. & Brown, L.


Project: Research

HAPPI MIND: Holistic Approach in Primary care for PreventIng Memory Impairment and Dementia

George, J., Magin, P., Baker, A., Bonevski, B., Ward, S. A., Mahal, A. S., Versace, V., Bell, S., McNamara, K. & O'Reilly, S. L.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

The Use of Equity Funding to Improve Outcomes

Burke, G., Ferrier, F., Kellock, P., O'Donovan, R. & Shah, C.


Project: Research

GP Supervisor Research Project, 2019-2020

Kippen, R., Leach, M., O'Sullivan, B., Wallace, G., Hickson, H., Cohen, D. & Cohen, P.


Project: Research

Post-stroke hyperglycaemia - Treatment with Exenatide in Acute Ischaemic Stroke (TEXAIS) trial

Bladin, C., Cheung, N. W., Dewey, H., Churilov, L., Middleton, S., Thijs, V. & Ekinci, E.


Project: Research

The diagnosis and management of infertility associated with PCOS in indigenous Australians

Gilbert, E., Boyle, J. & Rumbold, A. R.


Project: Research

Community of Practice Project with City of Sydney

Isles, M. & Connell, C.


Project: Research

Multidrug Resistance Protein 1 inhibitors to sensitise cancers to chemotherapy

Haber, M., Norris, M. D., Street, I. P., Stupple, P., Fletcher, J. I. & Solomon, B.


Project: Research

Social Policy Research and Evaluation Panel

Appo, D., Arunachalam, D., Bardoel, A., Batagol, B., Birrell, R., Bouma, G., Bradley, J., Browning, C., Collins, F., Crinall, K., Cuthbert, D., Fleer, M., Hanley, G., Harrison, M., Hyndman, R., Kelly, P., Lacono, T., Lindsay, J., Maitra, P., McLean, K., Middleton, S., Morse, C., Nyland, C. & Wulff, M.


Project: Research

Massive Transfusion Registry Future Funding NZBS

Wood, E., McQuilten, Z., Sparrow, R., Flanagan, P. & Waters, N.


Project: Research

Artificial Intelligence for Stronger Democracy and Policy Performance

Thomson, R., Schneider, C., Andrejevic, M., Buntine, W., Hill, S. J. & Nakashole, N.


Project: Research

Long-term effect on offspring of low to moderate or binge drinking during pregnancy.

Anderson, P., Halliday, J., Elliott, E., Penington, A., Thompson, D., Muggli, E., Spittle, A. J., Forster, D., Lewis, S. & Hearps, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Promoting Healthier Masculinities in the Macedon Ranges

Rice, S. M., Robinson, J., Oliffe, J., King, K., Armstrong, G. & Seidler, Z.


Project: Consultancy

P7940 - Wormlike micelles as noncovalent polymers: structure and dynamics in the far-field

Tabor, R., Butler, C., King, J. P., Klapproth, A., Williams, A. P. & Campo, L. D.


Project: Research