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NLPD: Inquiry Literacy Singapore (1)

Kidman, G.


Project: Research

Developing a framework to describe school Geography Curricula around the world.

CHANG, C. H., Kidman, G., Mitchell, J. T. & Wi, A.


Project: Research

Quality in General Practice - trial of a funding model in primary care.

Bonney, A., Russell, G., Radford, J., Zwar, N., Mazza, D., Mullan, J. & Eckerman, S.


Project: Research

2018 Kunshan Studios

Jung, M.


Project: Research

Reducing cerebrovascular injury in asphyxiated, asystolic near-term lambs

Polglase, G., Schmoelzer, G., Gill, A. W. & Stojanovska, V.


Project: Research

Fellow DAA Competency Standard Review

Palermo, C., Ash, S., Dart, J., Beck, E. J. & Daniels, L. A.


Project: Research

Operationalize the Centre for Commercialisation for Regenerative Medicine Australia (CCRM Australia)

Tiziani, S., Teng, C. W., May, M., Gilbert, A., Milligan, A., Kelly, K., Martin, J., Dusting, G. & Rhodes, D.

Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Other

Perinatal Mental Health in Women of Refugee Background

Blackmore, R. P. & Gibson-Helm, M.


Project: Research

Pushing the Limits of Fluorescence Microscopy with Adaptive Optics

Tilley, L., Persson, S., Little, M., McMillan, P., Combes, A., Lithgow, T., Naderer, T., Ryan, M., Richardson, H., Lock, P., van Oijen, A., Russell, S. M., Heisler, M., Boecking, T. & Elgass, K. D.

Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution, Monash University – Internal University Contribution, Hudson Institute of Medical Research


Project: Research

UAV Sensing and Data Discovery for a Changing Planet

Micklethwaite, S., Walker, J., Clarke, R., Tapper, N., Sullivan, L., Drummond, T., McClusky, S., Lu, G., Dahlhaus, P., Florentine, S., PopStefanija, I. & Rawling, T.


Project: Other