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SIOPEN : SIOPEN neuroblastoma clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand

Strong, R., Trahair, T. & Jones, J.

Children's Cancer Foundation


Project: Research

Resolving and translating communication within the prostate cancer microenvironment

Daly, R., Horvath, L. G., Taylor, R., Timpson, P., Cox, T. R., Song, J., Risbridger, G., Kench, J. G. & Jorgensen, C.

United States Department of Defense (DoD)


Project: Research

Evaluation of Police Schools involvement program

Gronn, P., Allix, N. & Bowles, T.


Project: Research

Effective skills development for a diverse older workforce

Ferrier, F., Burke, G. & Selby Smith, C.


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Innovative Patient Education for Preventing Falls after Hospital Discharge

Hill, A., Haines, T., Etherton-Beer, C. D., McPhail, S., Morris, M. E., Flicker, L., Shorr, R. & Bulsara, M.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

PCOS CRE travel grant

Joham, A.


Project: Research

Echuca Moama Homelessness Project

Roberts, S. & Arunachalam, D.


Project: Research

Determining the impacts of epigenetic modifying drugs on germline programming and offspring health

Western, P., Gardner, D., Adelson, D. L., Hill, R. & Ziegler, D.


Project: Research

Family violence recovery project

Petrakis, M.


Project: Research

Optimising primary care management of knee osteoarthritis: the PARTNER project

Hunter, D., Bennell, K. L., Hinman, R., Zwar, N. A., Pirotta, M., Briggs, A. M., Forbes, A. & Bunker, S.


Project: Research

SEM Birksgate Research project

Armit, R. & Langendam, A.


Project: Research