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ADHOC: Administrative Data for Healthcare-associated Infections and Other Complications

Stewardson, A., Worth, L. J., Cheng, A., Johnson, P. D. R., Stuart, R., Marshall, C. L., Lee, A. & Clezy, K.


Project: Research

Adobe Systems Unrestricted Gift Funding

Phung, D.


Project: Other

Adolescent Girls in Protracted Emergencies: Lake Chad crisis

Gordon, E. & Phillips, S.


Project: Research

Adolescent violence to parents - It all starts at home

Mudaly, N. & Saunders, B.


Project: Research

Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: The impact on Australian entities

Chalmers, K. & Godfrey, J.


Project: Research

Adult cardiovascular disease resulting from fetal unilateral nephrectomy

Moritz, K., Bertram, J., Denton, K. & Wintour-Coghlan, M.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research