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Nonideality of fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon surfactant mixing in micellar systems

Tabor, R., Giles, L. W., Butler, C., Pottage, M. & Kelleppan, V.


Project: Research

An extended study on the transition of phase change nanodroplets into microbubbles

Teo, B. M., Tabor, R., Vidallon, M., Pottage, M. & Bishop, A.


Project: Research

Cybersecurity competencies for MSMEs

Chan, C.


Project: Research

‘No alcohol’ products: rapid review

O'Brien, K., Meyer, S., Jeanes, R., Roberts, S., Ralph, B., Dam, J. & Stewart, R.


Project: Research

Welcoming Standards Assessment

Wickes, R., Hegarty, K. & Powell, R.

Welcoming Cities


Project: Research

Response of Phytantriol-based Formulations to Humidity

Clulow, A., Boyd, B., Eason, T., Xiao, C. & Nelson, A.


Project: Research

Interaction of fluorinated surfactants with model cell membrane lipids

Tabor, R., Pottage, M. & Vidallon, M.


Project: Research

Review project: Suicide risk in men, services for suicide prevention and the tailoring of such services to men.

King, K., Nicholas, A., Krysinska, K. & Pirkis, J. E.


Project: Research

Biomarker Development in Interstitial Fluid (ISF): A Pilot Study

McMahon, W. R. & Anderson, C.


Project: Research