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The Indigenous Club of Learning at Port Phillip Prison

Joseph, S., Penovic, T., Trounson, J. & Munro-Harrison, E.


Project: Research

Clinical outcomes following the use of blood products in Australia

McNeil, J. & Phillips, L.


Project: Research

Evolution of non-government school funding

Burke, G.


Project: Research

IRTG: International Research Training Grant (IRTG)_Renewal of Molecular pathogenesis of male reproductive disorders project

Meinhardt, A., Loveland, K., Bhushan, S., Ellem, S. J., Hedger, M., O'Bryan, M., O'Donnell, L., Stanton, P., Risbridger, G., Baker, M. A., Hobbs, R., Loveland, B., Exintaris, B., Western, P., McLachlan, R., Whittaker, M., Wagenlehner, F. M. E., Bergmann, M., Diemer, T., Fietz, D., Fijak, M., Konrad, L., Linn, T., Middendorff, R., Pilatz, A., Schagdarsurengin, U., Schuppe, H. C., Steger, K. & Scheiner-Bobis, G.


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pilot health study of veterans of the korean war

Sim, M.


Project: Research

Use of Simulated Learning Environments (SLEs) in Medical Curriculum Project

Jolly, B., Bearman, M., Brooks, P., Flanagan, B., McMenamin, C., Nestel, D., Sutton, B. & Watson, M.


Project: Research

Imaging the HIV reservoir in vivo

McMahon, J.


Project: Research

The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online and Emerging National Information Systems: Networking Research Capability

Davison, G., Brown, N., Buckridge, P., Garton, S., Griffiths, T., Horner, D., Jalland, P., Langmore, D., Macintyre, S., Mackinnon, A., McCalman, J., McCarthy, G. & Roe, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


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