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Young, A.

Spotlight Stores Pty Ltd


Project: Research

AC System for CAIS, Gippsland Lecture room

Gunstone, A.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Activation of GDF9 regulates female fertility

Harrison, C., Gilchrist, R., McNatty, K. P. & Robertson, D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Active use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO-Active)

Moore, E., Ruseckaite, R., King, T., Klarica, D., Wood, E. & Spencer, A.


Project: Research

Acts of Faith: Performing Christianity in Southeast Asia

Peterson, W.

Monash University


Project: Research

ADAM metalloprotease inhibition for treatment of colorectal cancer

Janes, P., Nikolov, D. & Gan, H.


Project: Research

Adapting and validating a tool to measure the supervisory relationship of GP supervisors

Kippen, R., Wallace, G., Bentley, M., Costello, S., Burns, J., Sampson, M., Morgan, S. & Warrington, A.


Project: Research

Adaptive modeling of human responses in complex interaction

Gedeon, T. (., Takagi, H., Kacprzyk, J. & Dhall, A.


Project: Research

Adding an electronic-cigarette to standard behavioural treatment for low-socioeconomic status smokers: A randomised trial.

Mattick, R., Courtney, R., Borland, R., Gartner, C., McRobbie, H. J., Petrie, D., Siahpush, M., Richmond, R., Shakeshaft, A. P. & Farrell, M. P.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Addressing Australia’s national transfusion research priorities

Wood, E., McQuilten, Z., Cameron, P., Cooper, J., Reade, M. C., Higgins, L., Trotman, J., Stanworth, S., Bielby, L., Coiera, E., Reynolds, J., Mo, A., Flint, A., Sanderson, B., Sparrow, R., Harris, A. & French, C. J.


Project: Research

Addressing Drug-Related Welfare and Curriculum Needs within Senior Secondary Settings

Harvey, D., Biro, P., Carr-Gregg, M., Gold, S., Gough, J., Hoult, G., Kupsch, T., Kupsch, M. & Rowlands, R.


Project: Research

Addressing financial inclusion in rural India: the role of information and peer pressure

Islam, A., Fafchamps, M. & Pakrashi, D.


Project: Research