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Pushing the Limits of Fluorescence Microscopy with Adaptive Optics

Tilley, L., Persson, S., Little, M., McMillan, P., Combes, A., Lithgow, T., Naderer, T., Ryan, M., Richardson, H., Lock, P. A., van Oijen, A., Russell, S. M., Heisler, M., Boecking, T. & Elgass, K. D.

Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution, Monash University – Internal University Contribution, Hudson Institute of Medical Research


Project: Research

AUVAP: The Association of Ukrainians in Victoria Archival Project

Achilli, A., Pavlyshyn, M. & Ordynat, R.


Project: Research

Pharmacist assessment of adherence, risk and treatment in cardiovascular disease (PAART CVD) trial.

McNamara, K., Bunker, S., Dunbar, J., Duncan, G., Emery, J., George, J., Howarth, H., Jackson, S. L., Janus, E., O'Reilly, S. L., Oldenburg, B. & Peterson, G. M.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia


Project: Research

Environment Victoria: Networks Evaluation, 7th November 2005

Johanson, G. & Stillman, L.


Project: Research

OEH - ESS (Energy Savings Scheme)

Curtis, J.


Project: Research

The dynamic strength of continents and how they break apart

Weinberg, R., Regenauer-Lieb, K., Rosenbaum, G. & Manatschal, G.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Tuckerberry Farms Hydroponics Berry Growth

Lean, D., Little, K., Patti, A., Buzza, A. & Francis, D.


Project: Research

Evaluation of a tailored online hospital and post-discharge smoking cessation program for orthopaedic trauma surgery patients

Bonevski, B., Balogh, Z., Baker, A., Harris, I. A., Attia, J. R., Doran, C., George, J. & Wolfenden, L.


Project: Research

Navigating an Uncertain Antimicrobial Future: A Sociological Study

Broom, A., Kirby, E., Davis, M., Dodds, S., Broom, J. K. & Post, J.


Project: Research

Noxopharm lymph uptake idronoxil studies 2

Trevaskis, N.


Project: Research

MOOC Research Pool

Selwyn, N. & Bulfin, S.


Project: Research

CRC EDST/Interconnected Knowledge Communities

Abramson, D., McKemmish, S., Mingins, C., Schmidt, H. & Zaslavsky, A.

Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRC)


Project: Research