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Ageing and mobility project

Fildes, B., Mortimer, D. & Richardson, J.


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Benefit Transfer Study

Rivers, G. & Wills, I.


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Identifying New Treatments for Platinum Resistant Small Cell Lung Cancer

Gough, D., Watkins, D. N., Sutherland, K. & Shortt, J.


Project: Research

Facial Recognition Technology In New Zealand: Developing A Legal And Ethical Framework For Its Use

Lynch, N., Campbell, L., Betkier, M. & Purshouse, J.


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Kimberley Visions: rock art style provinces in northern Australia

David, B., Gleadow, A., Ouzman, S., Porr, M., Veth, P. & Zubieta Calvert, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


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LNG Facility Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Studies

David, B., Allen, S., Ash, J., Duncan, B., Gartrell, A. & Kilpatrick, E.


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