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Scrolling Beyond Binaries

Robards, B., Churchill, B., Byron, P., Vivienne, S. & Hanckel, B.

1/01/16 → …

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Volgren EV Roof Design

Fridman, I. & Napper, R.


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IRP2 Integrated economic assessment and business case development for Water Sensitive Cities: Modelling WP 6

Ifhekhar, S., Fogarty, J., Pannell, D., Tapper, N., Polyakov, M., Siebentritt, M., Whyteoak, K., Lloyd, S., Tjandraatmadja, G., Finnlayson, G., Kretzer, U., Rakela, N., Miller, C., Leiva, S., Bradley, M., Fagan, J. & Fallowfield, B.


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Factors affecting the incidence and impact of non-residential structure fires

Muir, C., D'Elia, A., Newstead, S., Bourne, M., Gilbert, J., Boucher, M. & Kim, S.


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Understanding how the brain uses sensory information to guide reaching and grasping movements

Rosa, M., Breveglieri, R., Burman, K., Fattori, P., Galletti, C., Gamberini, M. & Reser, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


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Neurodevelopment of the preterm infant

Colditz, P. B., Boyd, R. N., Malhotra, A., Rose, S. E., Boashash, B., Ditchfield, M., Fahey, M., Pannek, K. & Moldrich, R.


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Viscoelastic fluids formed by novel carbohydrate-based surfactants

Tabor, R., Moore, J. & McCoy, T. M.


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Dementia in people with intellectual disability - developing a model of care

Carling-Jenkins, R., Iacono, T., Torr, J. & Bigby, C.

Dementia Australia Limited


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Melbourne Biomolecular NMR Network

Stone, M., Bottomley, S., Gooley, P., Langford, S., Reynolds, E., Scammells, P., Scanlon, M., Separovic, F., Tuck, K., Whisstock, J. & Wilce, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC), University of Melbourne, Monash University

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NHMRC CRE project support grant

Mousa, A. & Illesinghe, J.


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Froth flotation behaviour of algal lipids

McKinnon, I.


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The TAC/WorkSafe evidence service

Gruen, R.


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