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Taylor, W.


Project: Research

The Output Pathways of the Basal Ganglia

Horne, M., Finkelstein, D. & Pow, D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

The Pandemic Imperative: Clinical Data and Analytics Platform to improve clinical outcomes through point-of-care decision support

Bellgard, M. I., Snelling, T., Nicholson, A., McNeil, K., Bolevich, Z. & McBride, P.


Project: Research

The pathogenesis of PR3-ANCA associated vasculitis

Schochet, I. & Kitching, R.


Project: Research

The Philosophical Foundations of Women's Rights: A New History, 1600-1750

Broad, J., Brown, D. & Deslauriers, M.


Project: Research

The pipeline - an integrated approach to drug design and development

Perlmutter, P., Schiesser, C. & Urban, S.


Project: Research

The police role in victim and witness support: researching a best practice model for Victoria

Wilson, D. J., Segrave, M., Sutton, A., Dickinson, A., Kennedy, A. & Skogan, W.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Victoria Police, University of Melbourne


Project: Research

The politics of (un)forgetting: Indonesia’s nativist decolonisation

Heryanto, A., Oostindie, G. & Purwanto, B.


Project: Research

The Politics of Compassion

Ure, M.

King's College London


Project: Research