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LaRDR: Lymphoma and Related Diseases Registry

Wood, E., McQuilten, Z., Waters, N. & Opat, S.


Project: Research

Factors affecting the incidence and impact of non-residential structure fires

Muir, C., D'Elia, A., Newstead, S., Bourne, M., Gilbert, J., Boucher, M. & Kim, S.


Project: Research

VRT: Training interpreters using contextualised, immersive, interactive Virtual Reality technology. 

Gerber, L., Wilson, R., Shepherd, I., McIntosh, P. & Avella Archila, A.


Project: Research

Sonic practice in Japan: sound in everyday life

Stevens, C., Chenhall, R., Kohn, T., Bestor, T., Hankins, J. & Hosokawa, S.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Royal Como Art Commission

Morton, C.


Project: Research

MCnetITN3: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action: Innovative Training Network entitled “INNOVATIVE NETWORK FOR MONTE CARLO EVENT GENERATORS FOR LHC PHYSICS” with the acronym “MCnetITN3”

Seymour, M. H., Andersen, J., buckley, A., Schumann, S., Gieseke, S., Maltoni, F., Lönnblad, L., Nurse, E., Richardson, P. J., Plehn, T., Skands, P., Hoche, S., Herquet, M., Bahr, M., Beinker, M. & Stichelbaut, F.


Project: Research

Is there scope for reducing inbreeding levels by managing the breeding of the endangered Helmeted Honeyeater?

Robledo Ruiz, D., Sunnucks, P., Pavlova, A., Clarke, R., Magrath, M. J. L., Harrisson, K. & Quin, B.


Project: Research

Preclinical activity of Aplidin in multiple myeloma

Spencer, A. & Plowman, C.


Project: Research