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Neurodevelopment of the preterm infant

Colditz, P. B., Boyd, R. N., Malhotra, A., Rose, S. E., Boashash, B., Ditchfield, M., Fahey, M., Pannek, K. & Moldrich, R.


Project: Research

CRE in Newborn Medicine

Cheong, J., Doyle, L., Davis, P., Anderson, P., Spittle, A., Hunt, R. W., Thompson, D., Lee, K., Manley, B. & Owen, L. S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Project: Research

Mechanism of Bacterial Membrane Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides

Aguilar, M., Reid, G. & Separovic, F.


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Translating membrane proteins into therapeutics; from bedside to bench

Sexton, P., Christopoulos, A., Pantelis, C. & Parton, R. G.


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INVEST: International students' sexual and intimate partner violence experiences study

Tarzia, L., Forbes-Mewett, H., Tran, L., Hegarty, K., Segrave, M., Humphreys, C. F. & Murdolo, A.


Project: Research

HbR: Haemoglobinopathy Registry

Wood, E., McQuilten, Z. & Waters, N.


Project: Research

STAREE Biobank

Zoungas, S.

Estate of Linda K Brightford


Project: Research

Laser Facility for Ultra-Sensitive Molecular Characterization

Bell, T., Bieske, E., Mechler, A. I. & Robertson, E.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Planning Scheme Review - Community Survey (2007)

D'urbano, T.


Project: Research

Investigating Symptoms of Lung Cancer - A guide for General Practitioners

Mazza, D., Jones, K. & Vogel, S.


Project: Research

MAP Program

Meadows, G.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

Dementia in people with intellectual disability - developing a model of care

Carling-Jenkins, R., Iacono, T., Torr, J. & Bigby, C.

Dementia Australia Limited


Project: Research

Submission to the Australian Government Review of Higher Education

Birrell, R. & Healy, E.


Project: Research

Quitlink: Accessible smoking cessation support for people living with severe and enduring mental illness

Baker, A., Borland, R., Bonevski, B., Castle, D. J., Williams, J., Segan, C., Kelly, P., Turner, A., Brophy, L. M. & Sweeney, R.


Project: Research