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Identifying the source of the oldest known amber of southern Gondwana

Stilwell, J., Mays, C., McLoughlin, S., Bevitt, J. & Cantrill, D. J.


Project: Research

New Emulsifiers

Pas, E. & James, I.


Project: Research

Novel genes in skeletal muscle disease

Forest, A., Ravenscroft, G., Bryson-Richardson, R., Laing, N. G. & Carninci, P.


Project: Research

Visualisation of Multidimensional Physics Data

Valencia, G., Balazs, C., Cook, D., Buja, A. & Rosati, M.


Project: Research

Gender and Trauma, 1945 to the present

Twomey, C. & Michaels, P.


Project: Research

Lifestyle management in polycystic ovary syndrome

Moran, L. & Lim, S.


Project: Research

Development and Pilot of a Gender Gap App

Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Matthewson, G., Berry, J., Webb, I., Aisenberg, A., Robertson, F. & Sturmfels, B.


Project: Research

RNA Salon - Monash merna CLUB

Anko, M. & Boag, P.


Project: Research

Ways of Halting Antimicrobial resisTance In Fiji (WHAT-IF)

Loftus, M. & Peleg, A.


Project: Research

Nuclear reactions in superdense matter - from the laboratory to the stars

Galloway, D., Heger, A., Schatz, H., Keek, L., Chenevez, J., Cumming, A., Brown, E., Sun, Y., Cyburt, R. H., Thielemann, F. K. & Falanga, M.


Project: Research

X-ray diffraction microscope

Lewis, R., Dao, L., Nugent, K., Peele, A., Ryan, M. T., Smith, T. & Tilley, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Acoustic Analysis of Mallee Whipbird Calls

Clarke, R. & Mitchell, W. F.


Project: Research

Perampanel in glioma associated seizures - efficacy and safety: a pilot phase II randomsied controlled trial.(PEGASUS)

O'Brien, T., Neal, A., Kwan, P., Drummond, K., Morokoff, A., Desmond, P. M., Moffat, B. M., Perucca, P., Gonen, O., Yuen, T. I., Murphy, M. A., Bulluss, K. J. & Cher, L. M.


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