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A New Anti-Diabetes Drug as a Novel Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

Plebanski, M., Stephens, A., Oehler, M. & Gorrell, M.


Project: Research

Developing a sector-wide approach to embedding employABILITY thinking in business

Bennett, D., Dickinson, S., Kimberley, N., Jevons, C., da Silva Rosa, R., Ananthram, S., Pedigo, K., Lindsay, S., Benati, K., Fan, D. & Timming, A. R.


Project: Research

The use of gardens together with small children in Norway, India and the United Kingdom

Almeida, S., Sageidet, B. M. & Dunkley, R.


Project: Research

The AustLit Resource: supporting research in studies of Australian literary and narrative cultures

Arnold, J., Borchert, M., Burrows, T., Carter, D., Dale, L., Douglas, K., Eggert, P., Hughes-d'Aeth, A., Ikin, V., Kilner, K., Mallan, K., McMahon, E., Mead, P., Minter, P., Moore, N., O'Regan, T., Ommundsen, W., Tompkins, J., Troy, J. & Wilkins, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health

Kavanagh, A. M., Llewellyn, G. M., Emerson, E., Petrie, D., Dickinson, H., Badland, H. M., Carey, G., Butterworth, P., Einfeld, S. & Stancliffe, R. J.


Project: Research

Neurocognitive Predictors of Risky Driving in Young People

Stout, J., Stevenson, M. & Meuleners, L.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Lifestyle management in polycystic ovary syndrome

Moran, L. & Lim, S.


Project: Research

Rapid Detection of Performance Enhancing Drugs Using Nanotechnology - 168750 R116

Voelcker, N., Norton , K., Vedova, C. B. D. & Guinan, T.


Project: Research

Precision breast cancer risk management: Evidence-based translation of epigenetic testing

Southey, M., Milne, R., Giles, G. G., Hopper, J. L., Waterland, R. & Winship, I.

National Breast Cancer Foundation


Project: Research

Modelling trajectories of cognitive control in adolescents and young adults

Karayanidis, F., Forstmann, B. U., Steyvers, M., Jamadar, S., Hawkins, G., Lenroot, R. K. & Michie, P.


Project: Research

Alfred Research Health Alliance Collaborative Seed Grant

Vodstrcil, L. & Hayward, J.


Project: Research

Young people's privacy in an online world

Witzleb, N., Paterson, M., Birnhack, M. & Kalev, S.


Project: Research

Pathology Lab on-a-chip

Sleeman, M.


Project: Research

Novel approaches to prediction of caspase cleavage sites

Song, J. & Akutsu, T.


Project: Research

Evaluation and learning in public housing urban renewal

Nygaard, C., Pinnegar, S., Taylor, L., Levin, I. & Maguire, R.


Project: Research

Complex Activity Recognition and Prediction for Smart City Applications

Medvedev, A., Indrawan-Santiago, M., Delir Haghighi, P., Zaslavsky, A. B. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

High Resolution Cellular and Molecular Imaging System

Coupar, I., Anderson, C., Donald, J., Fletcher, E., Furness, J., Hime, G., Irving, H., Lithgow, T., Whitington, P. & Young, H.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Partnership Pathways to Better Care and Outcomes for Aboriginal Young People

Craig, J. C., Redman, S., Eades, S., Banks, E., Tong, A., Gunasekera, H., Dickson, M., Williamson, A., Howard, K. & Green, S.


Project: Research