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Understanding the pathogenesis of mitochondrial disease using iPS cells

St John, J., Frazier, A., Nisbet, D., Thorburn, D. R. & White, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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Understanding the roles of lipids in milk for oral delivery of drugs to combat infectious diseases: Part 1

Salim, M., Boyd, B., Hawley, A., Clulow, A., Khan, J. T., Pham, A., Vithani, K. & Ramirez, G.


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Understanding the socio-cultural dimensions of tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea: Knowledge to optimise public health solutions

Kelly-Hanku, A. M., Graham, S. M., Vallely, A., Majumdar, S., Marais, B., Pomat, W. S., Bell, S. & Mason, P.


Project: Research

Understanding the Sources of Secular Stagnation

Morley, J., Wong, B. & Eo, Y.


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Understanding Water and Sediment Quality in the Nagambie Lakes

Grace, M. & Roberts, S. C.


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Unintentional injury prevention

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.


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Union Recognition in Industrial Economics

Gahan, P., Forsyth, A. & Michelotti, M.


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