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Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Ageing in Multicultural Societies

Scharoun, L., Montano Hoyos, C. & Hills, D.


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Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Partnership Pathways to Better Care and Outcomes for Aboriginal Young People

Craig, J. C., Redman, S., Eades, S., Banks, E., Tong, A., Gunasekera, H., Dickson, M., Williamson, A., Howard, K. & Green, S.


Project: Research

Menkes disease research

Burke, R.


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Evolving landscapes of our early South African ancestors

Herries, A., Adams, J., Strait, D., Fink, D., Joannes-Boyau, R., Menter, C. & Birkett-Rees, J.


Project: Research

Water sensitive outcomes for infill developments

Kenway, S. J., Bradley, M., London, G., Bertram, N., Newton, P., Renouf, M., Lam, K. L., Beardmore, K., Zaman, S., Corby, N., Ryan, G., Tapper, N., Kerry, P., Yuan, Z., McLean, L., Dotto, C., Temov, N., Stack, M. & Urich, C.


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Reinstalling Cell Death in Hematological Malignancies

Strasser, A., Wei, A. & Ekert, P. G.


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Formation and evolution of planetary systems

Pinte, C.


Project: Research

IRTG: International Research Training Grant (IRTG)_Renewal of Molecular pathogenesis of male reproductive disorders project

Meinhardt, A., Loveland, K., Bhushan, S., Ellem, S. J., Hedger, M., O'Bryan, M., O'Donnell, L., Stanton, P., Risbridger, G., Baker, M. A., Hobbs, R., Loveland, B., Exintaris, B., Western, P., McLachlan, R., Whittaker, M., Wagenlehner, F. M. E., Bergmann, M., Diemer, T., Fietz, D., Fijak, M., Konrad, L., Linn, T., Middendorff, R., Pilatz, A., Schagdarsurengin, U., Schuppe, H. C., Steger, K. & Scheiner-Bobis, G.


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Boosting the immune system to treat diabetic retinopathy

Wilkinson-Berka, J., Mackay, F., Cooper, M., Lim, L. L. P. & Wickremasinghe, S.


Project: Research

Kruppel-like factors and the methylome

Perkins, A., Lister, R. & Dinger, M. E.


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CHAINS: Comprehensive Healthcare Associated Infection National Surveillance

Russo , P., Mitchell, B. G., Cheng, A., Stewardson, A. & Bucknall, T.


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A network of sites and ‘up-skilled’ therapists to deliver best practice stroke rehabilitation of the upper limb.

Carey, L. M., Nilsson, M., Thijs, V., Cadilhac, D., Lannin, N., Hillier, S. L., Donnan, G., Morris, M. E., Churilov, L., Walker, M. & Cloud, G.


Project: Research

The Indigenous Club of Learning at Port Phillip Prison

Penovic, T., Trounson, J. & Munro-Harrison, E.


Project: Research

Revenge Pornography: The implications for law reform

Henry, N., Flynn, A., Powell, A., McGlynn, C., Rackley, E. & Gavey, N.


Project: Research

VBP: Virtual Brain for Dementia Australia

McCormack, J., Crouch, L., Wilson, E., Singh, D. & Stephens, K.


Project: Research

Footwear for self-managing knee osteoarthritis symptoms: the Footstep Trial

Hinman, R. S., Wrigley, T. V., Paterson, K. & Kasza, J.


Project: Research

GHRG: Developing a Global Health Research Group for Stroke

Watkins, KBE, P. D. C. L., Georgiou, R., Lightbody, C. E., Gibson, J., Hackett, M., Sutton, C., Clegg, A., Schroeder, D., Sharma, A., Forshaw, D., Maulik, P. K., Pandian, J. D., Kalkonde, Y., Gabbay, M., Walker, M., Radford, K., Lindley, R. I., Cadilhac, D., Sanders, C., Srivastava, P., Middleton, S. & Sylaja, P.



Project: Research