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Investigation of the utility and the user experiences of widespread access to accurate emergency department wait times.

Walker, K., Ben-Mier, M., Joe, K., Papatheohari, J., Rankin, D., Stephenson, M., Martini, E., Lowthian, J., Stephenson, M., Blecher, G., Rodda, H., Turhan, B. & Tantithamthavorn, C.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

Klebsiella pneumoniae – a key driver in the global spread of antimicrobial resistance and a target for new approaches in diagnostics, surveillance and alternative therapeutics (KLEB-GAP).

Sundsfjord, A., Hoyland Lohr, I., Samuelsen, O., Sunde, M., Lunestad, B. T., Brisse, S., Giske, C., Bengoechea, J., Holt, K. & Frantzen, C.


Project: Research

NSW Future Directions

Shlonsky, A.


Project: Research

The integration of perception and thought

Hohwy, J., Bayne, T. & Moran, R.


Project: Research

Magma transport dynamics and ore deposits

Cruden, S., Fiorentini, M., Barnes, S., Bunger, A. & Jackson, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Assessment of circadian and light interactions in adolescent sleepiness

Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Bei, B., Wiley, J., Lockley, S., Klerman, E. & Carskadon, M. A.


Project: Research

Mechanisms of itch - from endosomal signalling to neural circuits

Imlach, W. & De Koninck, Y.


Project: Research

From Australia: 20 Graphic Positions

Walter, T.


Project: Research

Acoustic Analysis of Mallee Whipbird Calls

Clarke, R. & Mitchell, W.


Project: Research

Unravelling the neural bases of the diverse capability of the grasping hand

Marneweck, M.


Project: Research

Religion, pluralism and healthcare practice: a philosophical assessment

Oakley, J., Clarke, S., Coady, C. A., Savulescu, J. & Wilkinson, D. J. C.


Project: Research

Australia’s new cities: past, present and future

Nichols, D., Freestone, R., Walker, P., Taylor, L. & Bolleter, J.


Project: Research

School autonomy reform and social justice in Australian public education

Keddie, A., Blackmore, J., Wilkinson, J., Gobby, B., Niesche, R. & Eacott, S.


Project: Research