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Evaluation of the Sanctuary Model

Skouteris, H.


Project: Research

Navigating an Uncertain Antimicrobial Future: A Sociological Study

Broom, A., Kirby, E., Davis, M. D. M., Dodds, S., Broom, J. & Post, J.


Project: Research

Doubling the power of a unique astronomical survey facility

Colless, M. M., da Cunha, E., Mackey, D., Croom, S. M., Blake, C. A., Taylor, E., Drinkwater, M. J., Davis, T. M., Brough, S., Wright, D., Driver, S., Brown, M. J. I., Norris, R. & Hopkins, A.


Project: Other

Physiology of oxygen transport in the mammalian kidney

Gardiner, B., Evans, R. G., Schroeder-Turk, G., Bertram, J. F. & Smith, D. W.


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Accelerating Australia

Williams, C., Pfleger, K. D. G., Meagher, L., Rolan, P., von Guttner, G., Wallach, M. G., Morris, J. & Giles, K.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Reseach and Innovation


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Australian Scholarships Group

Grove, C. J.


Project: Research

Novel approaches to prediction of caspase cleavage sites

Song, J. & Akutsu, T.


Project: Research

UAV Sensing and Data Discovery for a Changing Planet

Micklethwaite, S., Walker, J., Clarke, R. H., Tapper, N. J., Sullivan, L., Drummond, T. W., McClusky, S., Lu, G., Dahlhaus, P., Florentine, S., PopStefanija, I. & Rawling, T.


Project: Other

Confocal and single molecule microscopes for Systems Microscopy

Gaus, K., Lock, J., Ebrahimi Warkiani, M., Gunning, P. W., Whan, R. M., Whisstock, J., Richardson, H., Meunier, F., james, D., King, N., Godfrey, D., Gleeson, P., Rigby, P., Lee, W. M. & Rogers, K. L.


Project: Other

Indonesia’s refugee policies: responsibility, security and regionalism

Kneebone, S., Missbach, A. & Susetyo, H.


Project: Research

Improving external validity of stated choice experiments

Bliemer, M., Rose, J., Oppewal, H. & Lancsar, E.


Project: Research

Translating colorectal cancer organoids into patient care

Abud, H. E., Worthley, D., Burgess, A., McMurrick, P., Firestein, R., Gibbs, P., Clevers, H., Price, T., Padbury, R. & Hewett, P.

Cancer Australia


Project: Research

Insights for Early Action

Rickinson, M. & Kunstler, B. E.


Project: Research

Hybrid methods with decomposition for large scale optimization

Li, X., Ernst, A. T. & Kalyanmoy, D.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the KNeo ESP Application

Sharma, U., Moore, D. W., Selwyn, N., Gasevic, D. & Hamdillah, C.


Project: Research

Ionic Liquids for Scalable Production of Monolayer 2D Materials

Atkin, R., Warr, G. G., Tabor, R. F. & Padua, A.


Project: Research

Analysis and Applications of Discrete Preimage Problems

Akutsu, T., Nagamochi, H., Hosokawa, H., Maegawa, S. & Song, J.


Project: Research