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John Baldessari: Wall Painting

McDowell, T.


Project: Other

Successful WIL in science

Johnson, E. D., Rice, J., Varsavsky, C., Ward, J., Campbell, M., Holdsworth, J. L. & Jorre de St Jorre, T.


Project: Research

Thirty Years of Talk: A Panel Study of Kobe Women’s Interview Discourse

Maree, C., Okano, K., Nakane, I., Iwasaki, S., Tanaka, L. & Takagi, C.


Project: Research

Stopped-flow SANS of nanomaterial-liposome interactions

Tabor, R. & Thapa, R.


Project: Research

Control of Cell Competition by Cell Shape Regulators in Tissue Development - Helena Richardson

Richardson, H. E., Tiganis, T. & Humbert, P. O.


Project: Research

Quantifying environmental constraints on animal behaviour

Peters, R. & Chandler, T.


Project: Research

Enhancing Lanthanoid Single-Molecule Magnets

Boskovic, C., Soncini, A., Murray, K. & Mole, R. A.


Project: Research

Compounds Australia - Enabling the Next Phase of Australian Drug Discovery

Poulsen, S., Martin, J. L., Avery, V. M., Quinn, R. J., Baell, J., Scanlon, M., Booker, G. W., Abell, A., Wang, S., Karuso, P., Guillemin, G. A., Smith, J. A., Ryan, J. H. & Peat, T. S.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution, Monash University – Internal School Contribution


Project: Research

Disability, social mobility and the wellbeing of people with disabilities

Kavanagh, A. M., LaMontagne, A. D., Petrie, D., Milner, A., Simpson, J. A., Aitken, Z., Emerson, E. & Blakely, T.


Project: Research

Victorian Molecular Structure Elucidation Facility

White, J., Griffen, M., Boskovic, C., Barnard, P. J., Dutton, J., Turner, D., Andrews, P., Ritchie, C., Jones, C., Abrahams, B. F., Murray, K. & Batten, S.

Monash University – Internal School Contribution, Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Other

NAATI e-Exam Platform Phase 1

Hillier, M.


Project: Research

Getting Ready in Numeracy (GRIN)

Gervasoni, A., Kalogeropoulos, P. & Wells-Duerr, K.


Project: Research

DGP: Developing Gifted Potential

Kronborg, L.


Project: Research

Understanding performance and image enhancing drug injecting in Australia

Fraser, S., Moore, D. M. J., Seear, K., Aitken, C. & Stanton, K.


Project: Research

Approach to Market (ATM) - Consultancy Services

Cheng, A., Kelly, H. A. & Russo, P. L.


Project: Research

Mobile Indonesians: social differentiation and digital literacies in the 21st century

Baulch, E. & Heryanto, A.


Project: Research