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Family violence recovery project

Petrakis, M.


Project: Research

Q-SQIP Evaluation Report

Kilkenny, M., Kim, J., Purvis, T., Cadilhac, D. & Dunstan, L.

Stroke Foundation


Project: Research

New drugs against parasitic nematodes of livestock animals

Gasser, R. B., Baell, J., Jabbar, A., Hofmann, A., Wells, T., Burrows, J., Waterson, D. & Wilks, A. F.


Project: Research

A global view of thermonuclear bursts

Galloway, D.


Project: Research

Measurement and Simulation of particle motion in forced turbulent flow

Monaghan, J., Meriaux, C., Cleary, P. W., Cohen, R. C. Z. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

Plasma Protein Interactions with Cubosomes

Rizwan, S. B., Boyd, B., Clulow, A., Gilbert, E., Prentice, R. & Li, T.


Project: Research

Gorge photograph: Drawings for Rex Battarbee, 13 September 1939

Nicholson, T.


Project: Research

The Effect of Acculturation on Citizens' Attitudes Toward Australia and Indonesia

Sendjaya, S. & Kusumansondjaja, S.


Project: Research

Josefa's Legacy: Cultural Defences against Slavery and Trafficking

Christopher, E.


Project: Research

IRP2 Integrated economic assessment and business case development for Water Sensitive Cities: Modelling WP 6

Ifhekhar, S., Fogarty, J., Pannell, D., Tapper, N., Polyakov, M., Siebentritt, M., Whyteoak, K., Lloyd, S., Tjandraatmadja, G., Finnlayson, G., Kretzer, U., Rakela, N., Miller, C., Leiva, S., Bradley, M., Fagan, J., Fallowfield, B. & Bertram, N.


Project: Research

PNGHBT: Public Perceptions about recent changes in housing benefit tax in PNG

Devos, K., Odhuno, F. & Wangi, T.


Project: Research

Travel to the 2017 International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC17)

Charles, T. K., Dowd, R. & Paganin, D.


Project: Other

18F radiolabelling of peptides

Zhang, B. & Robinson, A.


Project: Other

Australia-Harvard Fellowship

Cain, S.


Project: Research

The role of midwives in increasing maternal and childhood vaccination uptake

Frawley, J. E., Fowler, C., Wardle, J., Hall, H., Sinclair, L. & Cummins, A. M.


Project: Research

Attitudes and Perceptions of Indonesian Youth on Their Role in Indonesia and Indonesia’s Role in the Region

Missbach, A., Lumenta, D., Tapsell, R. & Idrus, N. I.


Project: Research

Celebrating Everyday Life in Australia-Indonesia Neighbourhood

Heryanto, A., Rakhmani, I., Baulch, E. & Najib Azca, M.


Project: Research

Multiblock Copolymer Synthesis for Nano-Engineered Materials

Setterlund, P., Perrier, S. & Moad, G.


Project: Research

The macroeconomic effects of global uncertainty

Castelnuovo, E. & Caggiano, G.


Project: Research

AusStage Phase 6 Visualising Venues in Australian Live Performance Research

Meyrick, J. J., Tompkins, J. E., Fensham, R. S., Casey, M., D'Cruz, G., Arrighi, G. A., Marshall, J., O'Toole, J., Hadley, B. J., Maxwell, I. A., Wake, C., Tait, P. L., Hamilton, M. M. & Barrand, J.


Project: Other

The New Plurilateralism: The Emerging Standard for Global Economic Governance?

Henckels, C., Davison, M., Wagner, M. & Siles-Brugge, G.


Project: Research