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Developing a Master's Degree Program in Research Ethics in Myanmar

Silverman, H. & Loff, B.


Project: Other

Family violence recovery project

Petrakis, M.


Project: Research

Community attitudes towards gambling in the City of Maribyrnong

Livingstone, C. & de Lacy-Vawdon, C.


Project: Research

Q-SQIP Evaluation Report

Kilkenny, M., Kim, J., Purvis, T., Cadilhac, D. & Dunstan, L.

Stroke Foundation


Project: Research

Symposium on Hate Speech and Democratic Citizenship

Simpson, R. & Greene, A.


Project: Research

Termite Economics

Mangan, N.

Creative Victoria


Project: Research

New drugs against parasitic nematodes of livestock animals

Gasser, R. B., Baell, J., Jabbar, A., Hofmann, A., Wells, T., Burrows, J., Waterson, D. & Wilks, A. F.


Project: Research

A global view of thermonuclear bursts

Galloway, D.


Project: Research

Measurement and Simulation of particle motion in forced turbulent flow

Monaghan, J., Meriaux, C., Cleary, P. W., Cohen, R. C. Z. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

Plasma Protein Interactions with Cubosomes

Rizwan, S. B., Boyd, B., Clulow, A., Gilbert, E., Prentice, R. & Li, T.


Project: Research

Gorge photograph: Drawings for Rex Battarbee, 13 September 1939

Nicholson, T.


Project: Research

The Effect of Acculturation on Citizens' Attitudes Toward Australia and Indonesia

Sendjaya, S. & Kusumansondjaja, S.


Project: Research

Josefa's Legacy: Cultural Defences against Slavery and Trafficking

Christopher, E.


Project: Research

IRP2 Integrated economic assessment and business case development for Water Sensitive Cities: Modelling WP 6

Ifhekhar, S., Fogarty, J., Pannell, D., Tapper, N., Polyakov, M., Siebentritt, M., Whyteoak, K., Lloyd, S., Tjandraatmadja, G., Finnlayson, G., Kretzer, U., Rakela, N., Miller, C., Leiva, S., Bradley, M., Fagan, J., Fallowfield, B. & Bertram, N.


Project: Research

PNGHBT: Public Perceptions about recent changes in housing benefit tax in PNG

Devos, K., Odhuno, F. & Wangi, T.


Project: Research