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DPC - Advisory Services and Education Programs

Smith, L., Kneebone, S., Boulet, M., Curtis, J. & Jorgensen, B.


Project: Consultancy

Shimadzu / MMIC contract

McIntosh, M.


Project: Research

The prevalence of methamphetamine use across the Murray PHN

Ward, B., Dietze, P. & Clarke, M.


Project: Research

Advances in graph Ramsey theory

Liebenau, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

MMIC - ePREP executed contact

McIntosh, M.


Project: Research

Model Organisms in Human Health Australia meeting

Warr, C.


Project: Research

AMSI Intern Project INT304 - Deep Learning of Customer Behaviour

Zhu, L. & Webb, G.


Project: Research

Eliminating Visceral Leishmaniasis - An Australian-Indian Partnership

Baell, J., McConville, M. J., Talukdar, A. & Ganguly, D.


Project: Research

Identifying the source of the oldest known amber of southern Gondwana

Stilwell, J., Mays, C., McLoughlin, S., Bevitt, J. & Cantrill, D. J.


Project: Research

A Global Fireball Observatory

Bland, P., Ireland, T. R., Rushmer, T., Horner, J., Tomkins, A., Macquart, J., Chennaoui, H., Collins, G., Brown, P., Jenniskens, P., Herd, C., Swindle, T. & Pendleton, Y.


Project: Other

Supporting educators to build children's social and emotional wellbeing and mental health

Reupert, A., Laletas, S., Swalwell, J., Roberts, W. P., Hammer, M. & Evans, J.


Project: Research

Surface treatment effects on wetting of textile materials

Tabor, R. & Meaney, S.


Project: Research

Bio-relevance - comparing in vitro and in vivo aspects of lipid digestion

Clulow, A., Boyd, B., Hawley, A. M., Li, T., Pham, A. & Salim, M.


Project: Research

Building the evidence base for ‘Safe Families’ - a comprehensive community-led model for violence prevention in Solomon Islands

Trembath, A., Fisher, J., Fulu, E., Lees, S., Dicker, K., Puiahi, D., Gosper, S. & Devries, K. M.


Project: Research

Modeling Developmental Change: Practical Integration of Advanced Neuroimaging and Statistical Methods

Byrne, M., Sabb, F., Mills, K. L., Allen, N. B. & Pfeifer, J. H.


Project: Research