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Change databases and model baseline in the Treasury version of MMRF

Dixon, J. & Adams, P.


Project: Research

Small area labour market forecasts

Meagher, G., Adams, P. & Dixon, P.


Project: Research

Review of best practice driver training

Johnston, I.

Project: Research

Systems Thinking - Capability Development and Application

Ison, R.


Project: Research

General Equillibrium Modelling of CRRP Pricing Options

Hanslow, K., Adams, P. & Madden, J.


Project: Research

Forecasts, briefings and related services

Meagher, G.


Project: Research

Applied Economic Research on the short and long-term effects of road investment in QLD

Madden, J. & Adams, P.


Project: Research

Temperature of the Earths crust in Southeast Australia

Beardsmore, G.


Project: Research

Economic modelling of Vietnam food security

Giesecke, J., Adams, P. & Tran, N.


Project: Research

Barriers to socially responsible investment in superannuation

Pfueller, S.


Project: Research

Travel & Accommodation - BF

Unknown, ..

RM4-SAP Finance Holding Organisation

1/07/04 → …

Project: Research

Determinant of ratings in banking and financial industry

Treepongkaruna, S. & Bissoondoyal-Bheenick, B.

Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies


Project: Research

Provision of 1999/2000 Monash Database

Adams, P.

Project: Research

Economic benefit analysis of Townsville Power Station proposals

Adams, P.


Project: Research

Spie 2000 Annual Meeting, Usa

Nikulin, A.

Monash University

16/10/00 → …

Project: Research

Assess Draft Health Advisory Reports

Silagy, C.

Project: Research

Development of An Early Years Strategy in Victoria

Coghill, K.

22/10/02 → …

Project: Research

2007 Greenhouse gas emissions projections for the Australian Stationary Energy Sector

Adams, P. & Punchen, L.


Project: Research