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MF: MasterFoods Bottle Design

Achariya, A., Norris, A. & Douglass, B.


Project: Consultancy

TAC - National and international perspectives to inform the TAC client housing strategy

Callaway, E., Tregloan, K., Bonyhady, B., Bowen, D., Gabbe, B., Braaf, S., Wiesel, I., Martel, A., Gohil, A., Lalor, A. & Moore, L.


Project: Research

Developing a sector-wide approach to embedding employABILITY thinking in business

Bennett, D., Dickinson, S., Kimberley, N., Jevons, C., da Silva Rosa, R., Ananthram, S., Pedigo, K., Lindsay, S., Benati, K., Fan, D. & Timming, A. R.


Project: Research

The Space Between

Andrew, B.


Project: Research

Preventing Diabetes Progression Via a Tolerance-Inducing Vaccine

Apostolopoulos, V., Plebanski, M., de Courten, B., Mannering, S. & de Courten, M.


Project: Research

Energy Reduction Trends and Programs

Li, M.

Ernst & Young (Melbourne)


Project: Research

Building an evidence-base for using Minecraft: Education Edition as an educational tool

Gesthuizen, R., Kidman, G., Latheef, I., Harrison, M. & Graham, L.


Project: Research

17th World Congress on Pain, Boston, USA

Giummarra, M.


Project: Research

FIC SERVICES: Perfection Fresh Lenticil Consumer Research

Douglass, B. & Achariya, A.


Project: Research

Refinement of and extension to the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool for Randomised trials

Savovic, J., Higgins, J., Cheng, V., Kirkham, J., Page, M., Turner, R. & Sterne, J.

MRC UK Medical Research Council


Project: Research

Hydroprocessing of Shale Oil

Chaffee, A. & Jackson, R.


Project: Research

Diversifying Information Culture Training

Oliver, G., Foscarini, F. & Boamah, E.


Project: Research

U Mangibeddu Nostru

Hope, C.


Project: Research