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Road Safety Calculator Improvement and Expansion

Hallmark, S., Shaw, J., Muir, C., Logan, D., Basulto-Elias, G. & Newstead, S.

World Bank USA


Project: Research

Emotion and Inattention during Autonomous Driving

Jallais, C., Fort, A., Stephens, A. & Young, K.


Project: Research

Creating subject-specific mathematical models to understand the brain

Grayden, D. B., Kuhlmann, L., Karoly, P. & Cook, M.


Project: Research

Envisaging Citizenship: Australian Histories and Global Connections

Lydon, J., Nettelbeck, A., Miles, M. & Anderson, F.


Project: Research

New Physics and the quark/lepton family replication puzzle

Schmidt, M. A., Valencia, G., Volkas, R. & He, X.


Project: Research

Knowledge Graph for Water Sensitive Urban Development

Wang, T., Li, Y. & He, T.


Project: Research

ACLCF: Analysing Change for a Lower Carbon Future

Buntine, W., Cooke, F. L., Nagtzaam, G., Mendoza Alcantara, A., Wild, A., Senders, M. & Convery, A.


Project: Research

Presentation of Financial Statements in the Public Sector

Conrath-Hargreaves, A. & Wüstemann, S.


Project: Research