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Safety risk assessment of cycling in dedicated bus lanes

Johnson, M., Candappa, N. L., Logan, D. & Oxley, J.


Project: Research

Scoping study relating to National Health Priority area conditions coexisting with depression

Clarke, D., Campbell, D., Currie, K., Kissane, D., Oakley Browne, M., Piterman, L. & Smith, G.


Project: Research

Building Positive Work Environments

McKeown, T., Bryant, M., Hanley, G., Hartel, C., Howell, A. C. & Kirk-Brown, A.


Project: Research

High Resolution Cellular and Molecular Imaging System

Coupar, I., Anderson, C., Donald, J., Fletcher, E., Furness, J., Hime, G., Irving, H., Lithgow, T., Whitington, P. & Young, H.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

LaRDR: Lymphoma and Related Diseases Registry

Wood, E., McQuilten, Z., Opat, S. & Waters, N.


Project: Research

Magnetic excitations in the quasi - 2D honecomb magnet FePS3

Hicks, T. & Rule, K.

Australian Synchrotron


Project: Research

Cell Culture Incubator

Kompa, A. & Wang, B.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Innovative Synchrotron Science - Access Program to the Australian National Beamline Facility and Cutting-Edge Beamlines at International Synchrotrons

Spiccia, L., Aguilar, M., Wilce, M., Zhang, L., Bond, C., Brugger, J., Burton, E., Bush, R., Chantler, C., Collins, R., Creagh, D., De Marco, R., Dillon, C., Garrett, R., Gentle, I., Gerson, A., Gray, E., Hambley, T., Harmer-Bassell, S., Harris, H., Johnston, S., Kepert, C., Lay, P., Low, I., Noller, B., Shimomura, O., Sullivan, L., Tardio, J., Trevitt, A. & Waite, T.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Survey of Monash University Medical Graduates Project

Joyce, C. & Macneil, J.


Project: Research

Putting the blind in touch with computers

Richardson, B., Haigh, C., Symmons, M. & Wuillemin, D.

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation


Project: Research

Barrier Safety

Berecki-Gisolf, J., Stathakis, V., Oxley, J. & Fildes, B.


Project: Research

Research and design of Regain plant equipment

Coxon, S.


Project: Research