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Reducing inappropriate knee joint replacement surgery and hospital burden

Barton, C. J., Dowsey, M., Choong, P. F. M., Ademi Delaney, Z., Smith, A., Crossley, K. M., Wallis, J. A., Ackerman, I., Bunzli, S. & Kemp, J. L.

Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research

CASS Foundation Travel Award

Clulow, A.


Project: Research

Review of best practice driver training

Johnston, I.

Project: Research

Assess Draft Health Advisory Reports

Silagy, C.

Project: Research

The Air Sterilizer Technology

Sek Chuen, C. & Vaughan, A.

Industry - Malaysia

Project: Research

Enhanced seizure activity in a Nicotinic Receptor Knockout Line

Drago, J., Horne, M. & Wong, J.

Project: Research