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PTC: Pressing the Climate - Community Newspapers as Climate Educators

Holmes, D., Rogers, B., Morrow, T., Maibach, E., Gallant, A., Hall, S. & Placky, B. W.


Project: Research

Identifying New Treatments for Platinum Resistant Small Cell Lung Cancer

Gough, D., Watkins, D. N., Sutherland, K. & Shortt, J.


Project: Research

Imaging the HIV reservoir in vivo

McMahon, J., Lewin, S., Hagemeyer, C., Rasmussen, T. & Egan, G.

Alfred Health


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Enhanced capacity in Ultra-trace level detection and speciation of compounds of environmental, biological and materials science interest

McKelvie, I., Abrahams, B., Ashokkumar, M., Caruso, R., Cobbett, C., Cook, P., Donnelly, P., Grace, M., Hoffmann, A., Kolev, S., O'Hair, R., Schiesser, C., Wedd, A., White, J., Wille, U., Williams, S., Woodrow, I., Young, C. & Yuen, S.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


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Centre for Research Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Recovery

Bernhardt, J., Nilsson, M., Carey, L., van Vliet, P., Cadilhac, D., Parsonsd, M., Bladin, C., Middleton, S., Levi, C. & Donnan, G.


Project: Research

Audio Recording Equipment: Number 1

Tebble, H. & Shimo-Malmberg, R.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Haemostasis Registry

Cameron, P.


Project: Research

HRL Techs - W R Jackson

Jackson, R.

RM4-SAP Finance Holding Organisation

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