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SMUGGLED: An Illegal History of Journeys to Australia

Kalman, J. & Balint, R.


Project: Research

Depression, behaviours of concern, and restrictive interventions.

Iacono, T., Carling-Jenkins, R., Koritsas, S. & Torr, J.

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services


Project: Research

Suicide Risk and Sleep in Treatment: An Intensive Daily Sampling Study

Brown, L., Taylor, D. J., Wiley, J. & Pruiksma, K.


Project: Research

Java-Bali Renewables Demand

Liebman, A.


Project: Research

Assessing Community Attitudes to Speed Limits

Fildes, B., Keall, M. D., Lahausse, J., Langford, J., Oxley, J. & Smith, R.


Project: Research

Greening employees: Strategies practices attitudes and barriers

Rayner, J.


Project: Research

New statistical approaches for analysing foodwebs and species distributions

Stone, L., Dowe, D., Gordon, A., Wang, Y., Solow, A. & Dorazio, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

IntReALL HR: International study for treatment of relapsed high risk childhood ALL (HR-ALL)

Strong, R., Revesz, T., Sutton, R., Lock, R. B., Trahair, T., Dalla Pozza, L., Downie, P., Osborn, M. & Jones, J.

The Kids' Cancer Project


Project: Research

Effectiveness of Social Skills Training for Children with Autism

Gray, K., Einfeld, S., Roberts, J., Sofronoff, K. & Beaumont, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

The Politics of Compassion

Ure, M.

King's College London


Project: Research

Water for Victoria - Capacity Building

Bos, A. & Skinner, R.


Project: Consultancy