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Leading Virtual Learning Teacher Course

Phillips, M., Henderson, M. & Swiecki , Z. L.


Project: Research

Loss-based Bayesian Prediction

Martin, G., Frazier, D., Hyndman, R. & Maneesoonthorn, W.


Project: Research

Self-organised communication as a foundation of large, complex societies

Meyer, B., Reid, C., Landgraf, T. & Couzin, I.


Project: Research

Chemical and social ecology of Australian Cycas

Gleadow, R., Bradley, J. & Lloyd, G.


Project: Research

FluCan 2020-2021 Season and COVID-19 2020 Season

Cheng, A.


Project: Research

The sociology of antibiotics and the antimicrobial resistance crisis

Davis, M., Warren, N., Hardefeldt, L., Buising, K. L., Thursky, K. A., Flowers, P. & Hoeyer, K.


Project: Research

Clinician-level quality of care reports- dealing with the complex issue of outliers

Kirkman, M., Evans, S., Heathcote, P., Fisher, J., Millar, J., Mark, S., Currow, D., Frydenberg, M. & Khadra, M. H.


Project: Research

Enhancing the Role of Military Gender Advisors

Lee-Koo, K., Gordon, E., Brown, S. & Wittwer, J.


Project: Research

Interoperability Across Distributed Ledgers

Yu, J.


Project: Research

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group, multicenter trial of CVL-865 as adjunctive therapy in adults with drug-resistant focal onset seizures (REALIZE TRIAL)

O'Brien, T., Perucca, P., Nikpour, A., Wijayath, M., D'Souza, W. J., Reutens, D. C., Carney, P., Somerville, E. R. & Berkovic, S. F.


Project: Research

The TiNT Trial: A phase II clinical trial of trametinib in paediatric patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 associated progressive optic pathway gliomas

McCowage, G., Dodgshun, A., Payne, J. M., Barton , B. A., Dabscheck, G., Kinross, K., Strong, R. & Jones, J.


Project: Research

Stem cell-derived human tissue models for the identification of drugs to treat COVID-19

Lim, S., Subbarao , K., Porello, E., Elliott, D., Polo, J., Stewart, A., Vanslambrouck, J. & Baz, M.


Project: Research

Next generation stem cell therapy for Parkinson's disease.

Thompson, L. H., Parish, C. L. & Pouton, C.


Project: Research

Discovering new drugs for epilepsy using personalised medicine

Kwan, P., Rollo, B., Langmead, C., Ayers, K. L. & Harris, A.


Project: Research

Using Polygenic Risk Scores to Target Statin Therapy in Primary Prevention

Nicholls, S., Semsarian, C., Wong, D., Zoungas, S., Ingles, J. & Nelson, A.


Project: Research

TeleFFIT - A personalized, telehealth exercise and lifestyle risk factor management program to reduce falls and fracture risk in older adults: A 12-month hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial

Daly, R. M., Bennell, K. L., Scott, D., Ebeling, P., Maier, A., Giangregorio, L., Hinman, R., Watts, J., Koorts, H. & McNaughton, S.


Project: Research