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Novel Chemical Tools to Study Cathepsin X Activation

Edgington-Mitchell, L.

Project: Research

ARC-Humic Material - ALC/AP

Unknown, ..

Australian Research Council (ARC)

6/03/00 → …

Project: Research

ARC Link APAI 2000-Capsi Sable/Batagol

Caspi Sable, S. J.

Australian Research Council (ARC)

23/05/06 → …

Project: Research

Preventing Femicide: Descriptive epidemiology of femicide in NSW

Cullen, P., Mackean, T., Ivers, R., Hegarty, K., Scott, D., Longbottom, M. & Rogers, K. D.

Project: Research

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins for Drug Discovery

Sexton, P., Rouiller, I., Wootten, D., van Oijen, A., Parker, M., Lucet, I., Griffin, M. D. W., Adams, D. J., Czabotar, P. E., Goscinski, W., Wilks, A. F., Radjainia, M., Flocco, M., Han, S., Shepherd, R., Ciferri, C., Williams, P. A., Brown, D., Charland, N., Schreuder, H., Reedtz-Runge, S., Drinkwater, C., Howard, B. L. & Betigeri, G.

AstraZeneca United Kingdom

Project: Research

NRMA-ACT Roads Safety Trust -K Stephan

Stephan, K.

31/03/06 → …

Project: Research

Brown Bros - Prof MTW Hearn

Hearn, M.

7/06/00 → …

Project: Research

Tectonic Reconstruction of the Evolution of the Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Chain

Lister, G., Harrison, T., Appelbe, W., Hall, R. & Sutherland, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University

1/01/03 → …

Project: Research

Travel to St Louis, USA

Smith-Miles, K.

Monash University

16/10/00 → …

Project: Research