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Sensing Devices for Illicit Drug Detection

Prieto-Simon, B., Perez Rafael, S. & Anandapadmanabhan, A. R.

Project: Research

Novel Chemical Tools to Study Cathepsin X Activation

Edgington-Mitchell, L.

Project: Research

Evaluation of a novel ultrasound measurement to assess fetal renal development

Brennan, S., Schneider, M., Kandasamy, Y., Watson, D. & Rudd, D.

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CopyRat P/L - Prof D De Kretser

Unknown, .. & de Kretser, D.

19/01/01 → …

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The establishment of a joint Australia-China centre for excellence in stem cell science

Boyd, R., Bernard, C., Chidgey, A., Elefanty, A., Jenkin, G., Li, L., Li, Y., Li, L., Lin, C., Ricardo, S., Shen, L., Stanley, E., Trounson, A., Wallace, E., Wang, L., Wen, J. & Zhou, S.

Department of Education and Training (Comm)

Project: Research

Suhr - Nancy Millis Award (S/Ship)

Suhr, E. L. & O'Dowd, D.

Nancy Miller Scholarships

6/06/05 → …

Project: Research

Library Brd Vic - Prof D Schauder

Schauder, D.

Library Board of Victoria

2/02/06 → …

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