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RFQ 1707 - SHINE for Kids Interviews

Trotter, C., Flynn, C., Sheehan, R., Evans, P. J. & Pereira, C. I.


Project: Research

'Erasure Recovery Place' Project

Clancy, P.


Project: Research

City of Melbourne, Music Planning Committee

Baker, A.


Project: Consultancy

Development of a risk assessment model for asbestos in government buildings

De Silva, A., Costa, B., Acfield, A. & McSheedy, E.


Project: Research

AMSI Intern Project INT309 - Computer vision and machine learning for video analysis and defect detection

Ali Jan Ghasab, M. & Paplinski, A.


Project: Research

Representations of Gendered Violence in Cultural Texts of the Global South

Kossew, S., Gonsalves, R., Lorek, J. & Macdonald, A.


Project: Other

The role of midwives in increasing maternal and childhood vaccination uptake

Frawley, J. E., Fowler, C., Wardle, J., Hall, H., Sinclair, L. & Cummins, A. M.


Project: Research