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Graduate Teacher Labour Supply Considerations

Parasnis, J., Tani, M. & Carroll, D.


Project: Research

Barrier Safety

Berecki-Gisolf, J., Stathakis, V., Oxley, J. & Fildes, B.


Project: Research

Refinement of existing scenarios (plausible futures)

Serrao-Neumann, S. & Malek Pour, S.


Project: Research

Analysis of Waste Water Samples and Treatment Optimisation

Tabor, R. & Butler, C.


Project: Research

Treatment Gap in People with Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy in Australia.

Kwan, P., Chen, B., Lawn, N. D., Dunne, J. W. & Lee, J.


Project: Research

Factil - Fact-Based Modeling Visualisation

Dwyer, T.


Project: Research

ASPrin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE)

Grimm, H., McNeil, J., Nelson, M., Nelson, M. R., Storey, E., Tonkin, A., Wolfe, R., Woods, R., Benavente, O., Murray, A. M., Newman, A., Shah, R. & Williamson, J. D.

National Institutes of Health (United States)


Project: Research

Improving men's access to care: a national ambulance approach to reduce suicide and to improve the mental health of men and boys.

Lubman, D., Lloyd, B., Webb, G., Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Bosley, E., Cunningham, J., Ivanov, T., Kyrios, M., McCann, T., Muecke, S., Sanderson, B. & Smith, K.

Movember Australia


Project: Research

Social networks, identity and the mental health of veterans

Lubman, D., Best, D., Forbes, D. & Savic, M.


Project: Research

Movement Disorder Fellowship 2017

Williams, D.


Project: Research

Optimal and actual asset allocation decisions in protracted low interest rate periods

Duong, H. N., Krishnamurti, C., Papageorgiou, N. & Parwada, J.

Global Risk Institute


Project: Research

Josefa's Legacy: Cultural Defences against Slavery and Trafficking

Christopher, E.


Project: Research