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BetterBrains: Person-Centred, Multi-domain, primary prevention strategies to delay memory decline

Lim, Y. Y., Barker, A., Pase, M., Maruff, P. T., Yassi, N., Ayton, D., Churilov, L., Sinnott, R. & Buckley, R. F.


Project: Research

Understanding emerging opioid-related harms through improved surveillance, drug checking and information sharing systems

Nielsen, S., Hiley, S., Latimer, J., Clark, N., Jauncey, M., Barratt, M. J., Gerostamoulos, D., Glowacki, L., Roux, C., Morelato, M., Lefrançois, E., Lam, T. & Gilbert, M.


Project: Research

JIBE: Joining Impact models of transport with spatial measures of the Built Environment (JIBE)

Giles-Corti, B., Woodcock, J., Zapata Diomedi, M. B., Gunn, L., Kamruzzaman, L., Both, A., Singh, D., Knibbs, L. & Turrell, G.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

National Climate Laws and How They Work

Foerster, A., Kallies, A. & Bleby, A.



Project: Research

Understanding and managing fatigue in the workplace: Feasibility study

Newnam, S., Carslake, J., Clark, K., Stephens, A., McIntosh, P. & Shepherd, I.


Project: Research

BEACHES: Built Environments And Child Health in WalEs and AuStralia (BEACHES)

Christian , H., Stratton, G., Gething, P. W., Boruff , B., Trost, S. G., Cross, D., Rosenberg, M. B., Murray, K., Schipperijn , J. & Beck, B.


Project: Research

Linking arterial, brain and cognitive integrity in healthy older adults

Karayanidis, F., Fabiani, M., Gratton, G., Jamadar, S., Levi, C. & Steyvers, M.


Project: Research

The Abbey Art Centre: Reassessing postwar Australian art, 1946–1956

McLean, I., Butler, R., Donaldson, A. & Pierse, S.


Project: Research

Optimising progress towards elimination of malaria

Flegg, J., Keith, J., Smith - Miles, K. & Richards, J.


Project: Research

Global Review of Gender-Responsive Parenting/Caregiving

Fisher, J., Nguyen, T. & Honda, T.


Project: Research

CASS Foundation Travel Award

Clulow, A.


Project: Research

Fast Disk Storage to Enable Big Data Science in Weather, Oceans and Climate

Reeder, M., Arblaster, J., Bown, J., Evans, B., Hogg, A., Holbrook, N., Jakob, C., Johnson, F., Kay, M., Lane, T., Shakespeare, C., Sherwood, S., Vincent, C., Zika, J. & Strutton, P.


Project: Research

Augmented Reality to Support Battle Ready Platforms

Linger, H., Dwyer, T., Ens, B., Cordeil, M. & Prouzeau, A.


Project: Research

IAD: Internationalisation and Democracy

Thomson, R. & Schneider, C.


Project: Research

Ethical framework/guidelines for ICU resource allocation in Victorian hospitals during the COVID pandemic

Oakley, J., Jamrozik, Z., Dabscheck, A., French, C. & White, C.

Safer Care Victoria


Project: Research