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Cyclicity in magmatic arc systems

Weinberg, R.


Project: Research

Real-time rights-based recordkeeping governance

Evans, J., Paterson, M., Castan, M. & Shepherd, E.


Project: Research

ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing

Patti, A., Junkers, T., Raston, C. L., Barrow, C. J., Hapgood, K., Gates, W. P., Adcock, J. L., Sutti, A., Rajkhowa, R., Saito, K., Tabor, R., Hearn, M., Tanksale, A., Garnier, G., Franco, C., Tang, Y., Zhang, W., Heimann, K., Marshall, S., Sacher, M., Crawford, S., Height, M., Cock, B., Pearson, G., Warner, J. C., Buckingham, E., King, B., Jayaratne, V., Scott, J., Bury, P., Chan, P. W. H., Robinson, A., Semple, J., Smullen, R., Hocker, W., Ciampi, S., Sun, G., Chong, J., King, S., Francis, P., Miltenoff, J., Moreno , C., Innes, L., Aldrich, C., Lovelady, C. & James, I.

Bioworks Australia Pty Ltd, Australian Research Council (ARC), Beyond Benign


Project: Research

Environmental and cultural change along the Central Murray River

May, J., Garvey, J., Prendergast, A., Marx, S. K., Cupper, M. L. & Birkett-Rees, J.


Project: Research

Time-resolving the mechanism of exocytosis in situ

Gallego, O., de Marco, A. & Castano-Diez, D.

Human Frontiers Science Program


Project: Research

Everyday guardianship: A space time approach to crime prevention

Wickes, R., Corcoran, J., Reynald, D. & Browning, C.


Project: Research

International law and the Challenge of Populism

Joyce, R., Pahuja, S., Benjamin, A., Parfitt, R. & Martel, J.


Project: Research


Adam, D.


Project: Research

Advancing women in healthcare leadership

Teede, H., Skouteris, H., Boyle, J., Riach, K., Homer, C. S. E., Currie, G., Smith, J., Zeps, N., Joham, A., Dhulia, A., Keenen, A. M., Crump, B., Lai, C., Sigston, E., Elston, J., Small, J., Grivell, R. M., Williams, S. & Dufty, T.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes through Self-Management: My Therapy

Brusco, N., Morris, M. E., Hill, K., Taylor, N. F., Lee, A., Somerville, L., Lannin, N., Abdelmotaleb, R., Callaway, E., Kugler, H., Joy, A., Walpole, B., Boyd, L., Watterson, D. M., Raymond, M. J., Graco, M., Radia-George, C. & Sanfilippo, P.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Borderline Personality Disorder as Social Phenomena

Kokanovic, R., Thomas, S., Duff, C., Harris, A., Jones, S., Flore, J., Chanen, A. M., Pollock, S., McCutcheon, L., Blanchard, M. & Rao, S.


Project: Research

Sensate Foot Project

McCormack, J., Armstrong, M. & Page, R.


Project: Research

OzGrav Cosmic Explorer Design Study

Thrane, E., Mandel, I. & Lasky, P.


Project: Research