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City of Tea Tree Gully Community Consultation

D'urbano, T.

21/01/04 → …

Project: Research

Sensing Devices for Illicit Drug Detection

Prieto-Simon, B., Perez Rafael, S. & Anandapadmanabhan, A. R.

Project: Research

Upgrade of investment risk analyser

Hyndman, R.

29/01/03 → …

Project: Research

Dulux P/L (SPIRT) - Prof W R Jackson

Jackson, R.

DuluxGroup Limited

11/12/00 → …

Project: Research

Intervet Inter (S/Ship) - S Coutts

Coutts, S.

Intervet International BV

4/02/00 → …

Project: Research

Polychip Pharma (Circadian) - WRJ

Jackson, R.

Polychip Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

30/08/01 → …

Project: Research

Immersive Analytics - Extension (Data61 CRP 31)

Marriott, K., Dwyer, T., Jenny, B., Cordeil, M., Engelke, U., Nguyen, H., Watkins, D., Chen, H. (. & Knight, K.

Project: Research

CopyRat P/L - Prof D De Kretser

Unknown, .. & de Kretser, D.

19/01/01 → …

Project: Research