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A2.1 Understanding social processes to achieve water sensitive futures

Lindsay, J., Fielding, K. S., Frost, L., Gaynor, A., Gregory, J., Morgan, R., O'Hanlon, S. & Spearitt, P.


Project: Research

Centre for Research Excellence in Stillbirth

Flenady, V., Ellwood, D., Middleton, P. F., Morris, J., Wallace, E., Kumar, S., Boyle, F. M., Gordon, A., East, C. & Horey, D.


Project: Research

nano infrared and sub micron Raman spectroscopy and imaging.

McNaughton, D., Appadoo, D., Bao, Q., Beardall, J., Beattie, D., Cheng, W., Kou, S., Kvansakul, M., Lin, J., Macfarlane, D., Mechler, A. I., Perugini, M., Roberts, A., Robertson, E., Smith, B., Puskar, L. & Tobin, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC), La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, University of South Australia, Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, Australian Synchrotron, Monash University


Project: Research

Enabling 3D stochastic geological modelling

Ailleres, L., Jessell, M., de Kemp, E. A., Caumon, G., Wellmann, J. F., Armit, R., Droniou, J., Lindsay, M. D., Cui, T., Betts, P., Cruden, S., Kemp, C., Gessner, K., Spampinato, G. P. T., Harrison, M. & Kessler, H.


Project: Research

ACAISA: Alcoholic Chlorhexidine Alcoholic Iodine Antisepsis Study

Choong, P. F. M., Peel, T., Cheng, A., Buising, K. L. & Dowsey, M.


Project: Research

The transgenerational effect of thermosensing in plants

Fournier-Level, A., Balasubramanian, S., Casal, J. & Schmitt, J.


Project: Research

The management of menopausal symptoms and fertility issues in younger women with breast cancer

Teede, H., Friedlander, M., Hickey, M., Marino, J., Meiser, B. & Misso, M.


Project: Research

Swimming evidence map

Misso, M., Cumpston, M., Green, S., McDonald, S. & Parkhill, A.


Project: Research

Evaluation of Police Schools involvement program

Gronn, P., Allix, N. & Bowles, T.


Project: Research