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Victoria's Language Resources

Bradshaw, J., Burridge, K. & Deumert, A.


Project: Research

The Way Back App and Companion Webpage

Melvin, G., Coles, J. & Tonge, B.

Movember Australia


Project: Research

Sleep Companion Consumer Entry Decision Tree and CRC Sleep Health Management Decision Support System – Phase 4

McEvoy, R. D., Sletten, T., Lovato, N., Vakulin, A., Catcheside, P., Wallace, A., Reynolds, K. J., Randhawa, S., Gardener-Stephen, P., Lakeman, J., Stevens, D., Lack, L., O'Grady, A., Chai-Coetzer, C. L., Grunstein, R. R., Gordon, C., Ramos, F., Jefferies, B., Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Hamilton, G. & Howard, M.


Project: Research

Alfred Research Health Alliance Collaborative Seed Grant

Vodstrcil, L. & Hayward, J.


Project: Research

Sampling the surface water of peatlands at the Bogong High Plains

Connolly, J., Moore, J., Camaclang, A. & Grace, M.


Project: Research

Engineering silicon nanowires for new-generation vascular implants

Voelcker, N., Kemkemer, R., Elnathan, R., Delalat, B., Yound, J. & Holle, A.


Project: Research

Ways of Halting Antimicrobial resisTance In Fiji (WHAT-IF)

Loftus, M. & Peleg, A.


Project: Research

Determination of Th1 - Th2 balance by EliSpot analysis

Netter, H., Coppel, R., de Silva, H. D. & Wang, L.

ANZ Trustees


Project: Research

Australian Fire Fighters' Health Study

Glass, D. & Sim, M.


Project: Research

Renal Regeneration Consortium

Pera, M. & Bertram, J.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Motorcycle Blackspot Program

Newstead, S., Cameron, M., Corben, B., D'Elia, A., McClure, R. & Scully, J.


Project: Research

IP GRIP: How can cyclists and heavy vehicle drivers share the road Safely?

McInnes, A., Newnam, S., O'Hern, S., Johnson, M. & Oxley, J.


Project: Research

Benchtop centrifuge

El-Kabbani, O., Chung, R. & Jazayeri, J.

Collier Charitable Fund, Monash University


Project: Research

Imaging the HIV reservoir in vivo

McMahon, J., Lewin, S., Hagemeyer, C., Rasmussen, T. & Egan, G.

Alfred Health


Project: Research