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Enhanced NMR Research, Characterisation and Analysis Facility

Langford, S., Abbott, B., Aguilar, M., Andrews, P., Batten, S., Bhosale, S., Boskovic, C., Brownlee, R., Hearn, M., Hughes, A., Jones, C., Junk, P., Robinson, A., Separovic, F., Spiccia, L., Tuck, K., Wilce, M. & Wilce, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University, La Trobe University, The University of Melbourne, Victoria University


Project: Research

Coordinated primary health care for refugees. A best practice framework for Australia

Russell, G., Advocat, J., Alston, M., Cheng, I., Wahidi, S., Chan, B., Furler, J., Harris, M., Kay, M., Lo, W., Pottie, K. & Smith, M.

Australian National University


Project: Research

MATLAB - Statistical Toolbox

Kong, D., George, J., Nation, R. & Stewart, K.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

Multi-angle in-operando mapping of nanoscale electro/photo-redox reactions

Yin, Z., Coote, M. L., Liu, Y., Catchpole, K. R., Tan, H., Zhao, X. S., Macfarlane, D., Amal, R., Ng, Y. H., Jia, G., Chen , Y., Chen, Y., Zhao, C. & Simonov, A.


Project: Research

FPR2 is a therapeutic target in lung cancer

Bozinovski, S., Jenkins, B., Vlahos, R., Irving, L., Steinfort, D. P. & Levy, B. D.


Project: Research

The role of emotional processing in improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients: a mechanistic study of art therapy

Czamanski, J., Weihs, K. L., Allen, J. J. B., Azaiza, F., Bar Sela, G., Caspi, O., Cohen, M., Lane, R., Wiley, J. & Zidan, J.


Project: Research

Molecular control of postnatal heart development

Porrello, E. R., El-Osta, S., Delbridge, L. M. & Hudson, J.


Project: Research

Indigenous voice: art, language and animation

Russell, L., Faulkhead, S. & Bradley, J.


Project: Research

Laser Facility for Ultra-Sensitive Molecular Characterization

Bell, T., Bieske, E., Mechler, A. I. & Robertson, E.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

Molecular hallmarks of heat shock protein 90 inhibition in prostate cancer

Butler, L. M., Daly, R., Tilley, W. D., Horvath, L. G. & Centenera, M. M.

Cancer Australia


Project: Research

User Interface for Fire Weather Dataset

Harris, S. & Brown, T.


Project: Research