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Green power: An environmental audit of the national energy market

Cantley-Smith, R. & Bowman, D. M.

Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre


Project: Research

The police role in victim and witness support: researching a best practice model for Victoria

Wilson, D. J., Segrave, M., Sutton, A., Dickinson, A., Kennedy, A. & Skogan, W.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Victoria Police, University of Melbourne


Project: Research

Modelling Tree Hollow Availability Over Time in the Barmah Landscape Zone

Mac Nally, R., Horrocks, G. F. B. & Thomson, J. R.


Project: Research

Provision of Expert Road Safety Advisory Services

Corben, B., Johnston, I. & Logan, D.


Project: Research

Source of heat and water for the Innot Hot Springs, Queensland

Beardsmore, G. & Cartwright, I.


Project: Research

The Science Continuum P-10 Phases 1,2 and 3

Corrigan, D., Berry, A., Fleer, M., Gunstone, R., Jane, B., Keast, S. R., Lancaster, G., Loughran, J., Mitchell, I., Mulhall, P., Robbins, J. R., Smith, H. K. & Sullivan, P.


Project: Research

Employer Greenfield Agreements EGAs

Gahan, P.


Project: Research

Integrity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in Huntington's disease

Chua, P., Chiu, E. M., Churchyard, A. & Hannan, A.

Pfizer Australia Pty Limited


Project: Research

Baseline Driver Distraction

Lenne, M., Young, K., Regan, M., Archer, J., Brace, C. & Hosking, S.


Project: Research

The implications for Victorian Low Paid Workers of Changes in Industrial Relations Legislation

Cockfield, S., Buttigieg, D., Jerrard, M. & Rainnie, A.


Project: Research

Motorcyclist hazard perception: Analysis of head movements

Hosking, S.


Project: Research

Futuris: Automotive Interiors

Coxon, S., Gaunt, C. & Simmons, C.

Excellerate Australia


Project: Research

Marine Safety Victoria (MSV) - Research Program 2007-2009

Cassell, E., Clapperton, A., Murdoch, K. & O'Hare, M.


Project: Research

Policing services and the mentally ill: An evidence-based good practice model

Ogloff, J., Baksheev, G. N., Clough, J., Elliott, I., Martin, P., Mullen, P., Thomas, S., Dickinson, A., Lay, K., Pfeifer, J. & Tye, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Victoria Police


Project: Research

Hastings Neighbourhood Renewal, 2007 Community Survey

Keleher, H., Anson, J. & Batras, D.


Project: Research